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[ Lineup ] Asuma [Kimono] Lineups


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Hey guys!




Mystery: Good side is being undodgeable and having very low chakra cost, but other than that there are no other special effects

Standard Attack: Quite standard

Passive 1: Now this is something special, paired with some cooldown reduction you could have a very strong buff

Chase: Same as all the other Asumas causing blindness and igntion

Passive 2: Now this is a very good support passive but only for long fights, not really suitable for blitz teams such as WB asuma is (also keep in mind that it only increases attack/def so it will be useless for ninjutsu based ninjas and vs ninjutsu ninjas)

Overall he seems to be designed more for longer fights such as 5+ rounds unlike WB Asuma who shines in 1 round fights

I wouldn't really keep him in pos1 unless you want to have fun experimenting, but he lacks the protection (he also isn't a swordsmen ninja so LM passive doesn't work)

1. Lightning Main


2. Lightning Main 2


3. Fire Main


4. Fire Main 2


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