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[ Bugs ] I dint get my ingots


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So I recently recharged 1000 ingots and I waited for about half an hour and still no luck, so I'm wondering if this is normal or if I just got 20 bucks taken from me. My server name is katsuyori on server 698 Dance of Impetus, so North American Server, and It happened Friday May 7th 2021, at around 12:40 pm server time.Screenshot_20210507-125917_Puffin


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Hello, please ensure that the money was removed from your account, if it was not, you will have to contact your bank or credit card company to ensure that they did not block the transaction. If the payment did process, the charge should have some sort of a transaction ID or purchase information that you can view, and you will need to provide this to CS via a ticket, and they will be able to ensure you get your ingots. There might also be an issue with recharging via mobile, as mobile is not a verified platform. This might also be another issue with the recharge. But, if the charge processed, you should still have received the ingots.

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