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Yesterday I picked up my 5/5 award. I logged in today and I could not pick up my 5/6 award.

2021-05-06 (2)

I claimed yesterdays,

2021-05-06 (4)

I even logged in today but I could not claim the reward.

5-6 reward not given

I hope this can be fixed soon.

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Nothin can be fixed mate I tried alot of times but nothin happened even if somebody complains nobody dares to do anythin

Its true Only moderators work on forum or for account however in game settings is changed by Tencent and oasis which they never bothered :P

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They wont even give you a single * they never gave

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Hello, please try refreshing and clearing cache, see if that then allows you to collect this reward. How far offset from the server's time zone are you? Was it already the 6th for both you and the server time?

If you have not gotten your rewards, and are still unable to collect by the end of the day, please create a CS ticket and they will be able to best help you.

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