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103+ Naruto Fan Fiction Challenges (These challenges for those who are daring enough and have the imagination to do so).

Those who want to take up one of these challenges please comment on this thread and post the number of the What if.

1. What if Team 7 meets Suiren, and Junsai similar to the Demon Brothers. Then they meet Mei Terumi, and Ao (but he wears a mask similar to Haku but a little bit different.)?

2. What if Naruto becomes the Dimensional Guardian? Where he watches other-dimensional counterparts of himself married different women in each one. The main Naruto in this what-if is still single and stays single.

From other dimensions: (Each pairing is a different dimension. ) HinaNaru, NaruSaku, NaruIno, NaruTen, NaruTema, NaruIsarabi, NaruShizuka, NaruAmaru, NaruSasame, NaruKarui, NaruKarin, NaruKin, NaruTayuya, NaruHaruna, and NaruShion.

Other Dimensions where he goes rogue and joins a team: (Each team is a different dimension. ) Akatsuki, Doto’s Three-Man Team, For Celestial Symbols men, Furido’s 4-Man Team, Gato’s Company, Haido’s Knights, Sound Four, and Team Guren.

There other strange crossovers dimensions as well. (Each show or movie or video game is a different dimension. ) Digimon, Beyblade, Pokemon, DragonBall, One Piece, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter, Thundercats, He-Man, TMNT, Double Dragon, Savage Dragon, Mario, etc. (edited)

3. What if Naruto didn't want to become the Hokage but he wants to become a Famous Dancer? Street Dancer to Barn Dancer to Ballroom Dancer to Folk Dancer? He should be kinda like Orochimaru but instead of jutsu and immortally. He only wants to learn how to dance. But the Hokages and the other high-ranking ninjas want Naruto to become a Nina instead of a Dancer.

4. What if Naruto killed his siblings and Kushina in front of the Chunin Exams after being abandon by her and the Uzumaki Namikaze Clan? Naruto told Tsunade that her son was Minato and Minato's father was Jiraiya. Naruto told Minato that Yahiko was also his half-brother by Jiraiya and an unknown woman. Nagato is a brother to Kushina and Rasa.

5. What if Minato tells Naruto he'll be glad to take his spot. Naruto smirked and look at the Fire Daimyo. Naruto says, "I want Minato Namikaze to become the new Nine-tailed fox container and Danzo as the Firth Hokage!" Fire Daimyo agreed to it. Minato goes down to become the new Demon Container as he wants to prove to Naruto and his other children that he has the heart of an Uzumaki and the Uzumaki doesn't go back down from a promise.

6. What if Naruto: Equally Neglected Siblings

Plot: At first Minato, Kushina, Kakashi, Shizune, Tsunade, and Jiraiya were gonna only abandoned Naruto. Hiruzen and Danzo told them if they are gonna abandoned one. They should abandon them all. Hiruzen told them that if they don't. Naruto would seek revenge on his siblings than his parents. Danzo said, "What if we erase their memories of having their kids until the Genin Exams?" Hiruzen likes that idea and has the records say that Kushina is a container of the Kyuubi, not the kids. Koharu Utatane "I see what you saying. For the safety of the Village and the kids themselves." Utatane Koharu "We can have pseudo-jinchūrikis in both Naruko and Mito. We have Half of the Kyuubi in both Naruto and Memma." Kushina wants to keep her children safe even if she has to get her memories erased. She'll be happy to take the blame for the Kyuubi's attack. So her kids won't be treated badly like most jinchūrikis. Minato realized that he was about to something that was against his teachings to his students. Both parents agreed. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Kakashi don't like it at all. The Elders told Danzo with Hiruzen's Permission to erase Tsunade's, Jiraiya's, Shizune's, and Kakashi's memories of the kids as well. Unknown to them a spy for Orochimaru and a member of Danzo's ROOT Ninja corp was in the shadows.

7. What if Naruto became Thomas Wayne in the DC Universe? Plot: Naruto's chakra was sealed so he couldn't use chakra anymore but this causes him to become smarter than Sakura and others in the Elemental Nations. He created a dimensional portal machine to go to another universe. Unknown to Naruto and the Village his family is returning to Konohagakure to reunite their family. Naruto becomes rich in the DC Universe. Naruto/Thomas Wayne got married to Martha Kane. The ninjas from Konohagakure after the Uzumaki-Namikaze Clan return found the machine and they went into the portal to find themselves in the Crime Ally. Thomas Wayne aka Naruto recognizes the headband of these strangers. Then he uses the martial arts he learned from around the world in this dimension.

8. What if Naruto disappeared after the sealing. Kurama using the surroundings to give Naruto a new bloodline. Where he could fly like a bird cause due to Namikaze Clan's similar to the Inuzuka Clan with the canines. Transform into a Merman when every he wants to go into the deep water.

9. What if Minato, Kushina, and the village's sealed their love for Naruto into Naruto? In the Mindscape of Naruto isn't a sewer-like in canon.

10. What if Batman, Daredevil, Ironman, Spiderman, Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Lex Luthor, Kingpin, & Do* was sealed into Naruto during the Kyuubi sealing arch?

11. What if Naruto sealed all the Male characters from the Naruto universe into himself and while Sakura sealed all the Female Characters from the Naruto universe into herself? They were new adam and Eve for Mutants and Aliens. The world starts back over.

12. What if Naruto was a merman. Kushina was Ariel's second daughter. NaruSaku pairing please.

13. What if Naruto married Sakura, Sasuke married Hinata, Rock Lee married Tenten, Neji married Yakumo, Shino married Isarabi, Choji married Ino, Kakashi married Hana Inuzuka, Iruka married Shizune, Anko married Yamato/Tenzo, Sai married Karin, Omoi married Kurotushi, Kankuro married Karui, Shikamaru married Temari, Kiba married Tamaki, Gaara married Matsuri, Udon married Moegi, and Konohamaru married Hanabi. What if there was a kingdom before the Clan wars? They were related to the Namikaze Clan and the Kato Clan. What if the Kato clan was cousins to the Namikaze Clan? What if those two clans betrayed the Kingdom for the Clans and the chakra power? Now the Hidden Prince from that Royal comes back to hunt down all those members who betrayed them? I don't care how but if you need names for the kids. I got their names.

14. What if Naruto was exiled and create his own land called, "Land of the Cherry Blossoms" and the village is called, "Hanagakure." He calls himself, "Shodaime Sakurakage". At each gate of the village of Hanagakure is this version of Sakura Haruno. In the middle of the Townsquare in the village of Hanagakure is this version of Sakura Haruno but this statue has a plaque that reads, "The Hanagakure is strong as Sakura Haruno and Hanagakure is beautiful and charming as her large forehead." signs -Shodaime Sakurakage.

15. What if Naruto was abandoned by his family. Then they came back to see Naruto split himself into two people. One person goes to DC universe and the other one went to the Marvel universe?

16. What if Naruto found this scroll that has these henchmen in it: Putty Patrollers, Super Putties, Z Putties, Tenga Warriors, Cogs, Quadrafighters, Piranhatrons, Quantrons, Velocifighters, Velocifighters, Swabbies, Swabbies, Ghouls, Cyclobots, Demon Warriors, Putrids, Kelzaks, Kelzaks Furies, Tyrannodrones, Triptoids, Krybots, Hidiacs, Styxoids, Lava Lizards, Chillers, Rinshi, Grinders, Venjix Drones, Venjix’s Personal Drones, Moogers, Giant Moogers, Loogies, Zombats, Armada Ships, Vivix, Vivizords, Kudabots, Basherbots, Buzzcams, X-Borgs, Tronics, and Gigatronics. (Those are from All the power rangers series henchmen for the villains. ) Naruto also found a droid factory from Star Wars.

17. What if Naruto had all these rings, from all the Lantern corps to both and ?

18. What if Naruto had all the Kryptonites and the Infinity Stones?

19. What if Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten got fusion together?

20. What if Itachi sealed Sasuke into Naruto?

21. What if Tsunami adopted Naruto?

22. What if it was Mikoto, Teuchi's nephew or brother, and Minato?

23. What if Sakura and Ino find out that they were blood-related to Sasuke Uchiha? At the same time, Hinata finds out that she was related to Naruto?

24. What if Naruto was streetwise? Think about it. Naruto probably had to live on the street for a long time.

25. What if Naruto's kids from other dimensional come into the Main universe. These kids kept called Naruto their dad. lol, I think this would be funny.

26. What if these ladies and Haku the only male in the group were created to oppose Akatsuki? Konnan betrays Akatsuki before she did in Cannon.

27. What if Naruto was a farmer with these three superpowers: Weather Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, and Appendage Manipulation?

28. What if Naurto had Ki, Force, Reiatsu, and Reiryoku?

29. What if Naruto's mindscape is the Phantom Zone of the DC Universe?

30. What if Naruto and Sakura had to take care of every ninja who turned back into children?

31. What if Naruto was the father of all the Superheroes in both DC and Marvel Universes?

32. What if the cannon Naruto and cannon Sakura were actually were clones created by Orochimaru? The Real Naruto and the Real Sakura got married to each other and live in the land of the Waves?

33. What if Naruto could talk to every animal in their own language and any infants?

34. What if Naruto was adopted by Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Richard Grayson (First Robin)? What if the DC Characters end up in Naruto's universe?

35. What if Sakura got married to Naruto first. She has two kids with him. Naruto dies. Sakura remarried Sasuke. She had two kids with Sasuke. He dies. Sakura re-re-married Rock Lee. She had a child with Lee. Lee died. Sakura re-re-re-married Sai. She had a child with him and he died. Ino is the godmother to Sasuke's kids. Hinata is the godmother to Naruto's kids. Tenten is the godmother to Lee's kid. Sakura dies.

36. What if Naruto stuck all the females of the Naruto Universe into another world. Where all the Evil males in Naruto can't have any kids anymore.

37. What if Naruto was the only male left in Naruto's universe and all of his former male friends became females as well?

38. What if Naruto created his own world?

39. What if Naruto fused with Sakura and Sasuke?

40. What if Naruto fused with Neji and Sasuke?

41. What if Naruto fused with Sakura and Ino?

42. What if Naruto fused with all the kages in the Naruto universes?

43. What if Hinata Hyuuga was the true main villain of both the Naruto Series and Boruto series? Boruto found her journal. Hinata had the ability to manipulated people around her. What if the timidness is all act?

44. What if Rock Lee and Hinata join the Akatsuki cause of their heartbroken due NaruSaku and SasuIno.

45. What if Naruto had a symbiote that was on every super-heroes and super-villains?

46. What if Naruto was a Professional Wrestler or the Owner of the Wrestling promotion/federation?

47. What if Naruto's world there is a book kinda like the bingo book but it's called, "Fangirl Book". Hinata, Ino, Sakura, and Tenten are in the book due to their fangirl-ness.

48. What if Naruto was in the Circus?

49. What if Naruto was adopted by Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne after Bruce Wayne died in the crime ally before?

50. What if Naruto was a successful businessman.

51. What if Naruto found out that Kabuto was actually Jiraiya's and Tsunade's DNA experiment by Orochimaru, And Sai is the DNA of Orochimaru's and Tsunade's DNA experiment by Orochimaru, Minato was the Dan Kato's and Tsunade's DNA experiment by Orochimaru?

52. What if Akatsuki got a Hyuuga in the ranks of their members?

53. What if Yahiko was Jiraiya's child? What if Minato was Tsunade's and Jiraiya's child after a drunk night? What if Danzo was the grandfather of Jiraiya?

54. What if Naruto took over the sound village to save the village from both Orochimaru and Kabuto?

55. What if Naruto took over Ame village?

56. What if Naruto becomes the Fire Daimyo's heir?

57. What if Sasuke was a girl who acts like a boy? Kushina and Mikoto had arranged marriage for their kids to get together?

58. What if Naruto was false Imprison for a crime he didn't do. The only way he'll go back in the Konohagakure ninja force is for those former friends have to be sent to prison on false charges.

59. What if Hinata was the same age as Itachi? and Itachi killed their clans at the same time? Only leaves Sasuke, Mikoto, Neji, and Hanabi?

60. What if Hiruzen decides to kill all the parents of Naruto's age group so he could have friends around his own age after the sealing? Hyuuga Massacre, Inuzuka Massacre, other clan massacres at the same time.

61. What if Tenten and Kankuro are lost-long brother and sister? Due to Danzo's root ninjas kidnapped her?

62. What if Naruto fed up and shouted to both Sakura, Ino, Sasuke, and Neji to be him for a day. Sasuke says "I can survive being you for a month." Sakura says, "I can survive being you for two months." Ino says, "I can survive being you for three months." Neji says, "I can survive as being you for a half of year." Naruto smirked, "How about start on October 10 of this year?"

63. What if Sasuke asks for powers that a rogue ninja had. Does that same rogue ninja say he would only if Sasuke gives up his own bloodline for the power to get revenge on Itachi?

64. What if Sasuke used both Sakura and her mother as a human shield to save his own life? Naruto saves both their lives.

65. What if Team 7 meets Obito and Rin instead of Zabuza and Haku in Waves Arch?

66. What if Danzo was the true mastermind of the Kyuubi attack and the bloodline Purge of the Mist?

67. What if the Shinobi Clans protected Naruto? The civilians can't get any more weapons to tried to kill Naruto without going bankrupt.

68. What if Madara was the First Hokage, I'm not sure who should be the Secon Hokage in this what-if, Danzo as the Third Hokage, Orochimaru as the Fourth Hokage?

69. What if Naruto created Neverland?

70. What if Uchihas had their own village, Senju had their own village, Haruno has their own village, Nara has their own village, Aburame has their own village, Akimichi has their own village, Hyuuga has their own village, Inuzuka had their own village, Yamanaka has their own village, Namikaze has their own village, Uzumaki has their own village, Lee Clan has their own village, Tenten Clan has their own village, Kurama clan has their own village?

71. What if Hiruzen aka Third Hokage fed up with the civilian council. They did one more thing that crossed the line in his point of view. So Hiruzen asks Danzo to kill all the civilian council's family or he'll let out that he was the one who attacked the village with the Kyuubi?

72. What if Naruto got mature and when he got the be acknowledge by the villagers. Naruto refused to be the Hokage. Tenten becomes the Hokage. NaruSaku retired from Ninja's life but they live in the land of the Waves.

73. What if Kiba was the Hokage?

74. What if Might Guy was the Hokage?

75. What if Anko was the Hokage?

76. What if Kurenai was the Hokage?

77. What if Asuma was the Hokage?

78. What if Kushina was the Fourth Hokage?

79. What if Naruto had both Crystal Release and Ice Release?

80. What if Shino was the Hokage?

81. What if Ino was the Hokage?

82. What if Shikamaru was the Hokage?

83. What if Choji was the Hokage?

84. What if Sai was the Hokage?

85. What if Yamato/Tenzo was the Hokage?

86. What if Yugao Uzuki was the Hokage?

87. What if Kabuto was the Hokage?

88. What if Dan Kato was the Hokage?

89. What if Nawaki Senju was the Hokage?

90. What if Mikoto Uchiha was the Hokage?

91. What if Rin was the Hokage?

92. What if Naruto was forgotten Prince of forgotten Kingdom?

93. What if Uzumaki Clan was once a merfolks and Namikaze clan was once bird-folks? Naruto activated his two bloodlines during the Sealing the scroll arch.

94. What if Naruto sees dead people?

95. What if Naruto was denied training by Kakashi but got help from all the female Ninjas. Anko says, "How about you men trained the Sakura Haruno. We women will train Naruto Uzumaki." They all make a bet.

96. What if Naruto ate all the different Devil Fruits but due to having the seal of Kyuubi. Kyuubi dies and gets replaces by all the different Devil Fruit's power. Minato and Kushina were sealed inside Naruto but not in the death god's belly.

97. What if Naruto found the Uzumaki Masked Shrine?

98. What if Naruto becomes a flying fox?

99. What if Naruto's clan was more like the sea horse?

100. What if Naruto accidentally started the X-Genes and blew up the Ninja world. He took everyone to other planets that the suns make them can't use Chakra anymore?

101. What if Minato and Kushina neglected Naruto for his siblings but Hiruzen and Danzo put them in the Bingo Book. Inside the Bingo Book says, that they have the two Kyuubi's containers with them. Minato and Kushina are shocked about the new Bingo Book. Minato feels betrayed. Kushina can't have her favorite ramen from her favorite ramen stand due to their action does their youngest child. (Jiraiya and Kakashi are the bad guys. While Danzo and Orochimaru are the good guys in this story.) Fuu from Taki, Kurotushi, Karui, Tayuya, Karin, Female Haku, Temari to be Naruto's wives. Jiraiya's book can't be sold in Konoha and every hot spring in Fire Country is has sealed that only Naruto could unlock. (Whenever Jiraiya tries to peek in the bathhouse. He only sees naked ugly fat men. ) Mikoto is the godmother of Naruto. While Anko is the one who breastfed Naruto. Kurenai raises Naruto. Naruto is treated like Sasuke but he is not a spoiled brat.

102. What if Kryptonian, Atlantean, Tamaranean, and Thanagarian were sealed into Naruto?

103. What if Kushina found out that Jiraiya, Minato, Hiruzen, Orochimaru, Fugaku, and Kakashi used a seal on her and her kids to forget about Naruto but with the help of Tsunade, Obito, Danzo, Koharu, Homura, Shizune, Anko, Kurenai, Tsume and Mikoto. They all put a seal on Jiraiya, Minato, Hiruzen, Orochimaru, Fugaku, and Kakashi whenever Naruto gets beat up or be thrown out of the stores. They feel it too.

104.What if Jiraiya was neglected? Naruto is neglected but Jiraiya didn't care about Naruto at all at first. An 18-year-old Naruto finds out who Jiraiya's parents were. It was Danzo and an OC (you can name her). Naruto hints at Jiraiya that he found out that he knowns who Jiraiya's parents were. Jiraiya tried to get Naruto to tell him. Naruto smirks and said, "Only if you didn't neglect me for those spoiled brats of siblings of mine." In this story, Sasuke dies in the Uchiha Massacre by Danzo's root ninja known as Shin.

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