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[ Bugs ] Splash dmg?


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  • Pulos On 2021-05-03 23:31:45
  • So just let me describe in the best way i can:

    Round start earth main use mastery shield on p1, p2, p3. Enemy naruto hit and get reset on mastery (my p1, p2, p3 still have shield). When enemy Naruto use mastery on my p4 (without shield) it takes 43k dmg and the rest of the team 34k. So my naruto lost 20k shield and 34k hp. Basically based on what u say splash dmg did on my p1 54k when p4 took only 43?

i think what he is trying to ask is if naruto hits a not shielded unit then it ignores the shields on the splash and just deleted it outside the damage values, might be a bug, might be a feature, its a bit niche example so we need people to test it out, who's up for the test?

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