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Can Oasis please change the ninja exams? It is really frustrating seeing to try to get the equipment scrolls for ninja exams, but fail because of these * reasons. They included super initiative, I'm 20k initiative, and some exams just ignore that. Second reason, there are 2 rounds, but at the top it doesn't say 1/2 rounds. You fight it, and you're like "yes, I beat it" and then there's round 2 and that's just really messed up. Third, there's 3 fields, and you game creators had to fill up every spot, be it ninjas, puppets, clones, etc. That's really annoying. Fourth, the elemental puppets are really messed up as well. Not everyone has Hiruzen Edo Tensei, most of us have to get creative, and that's ok in my opinion, some exams have 3 or more elemental puppets and it's driving me insane. Please change the ninja exams, get rid of super initiative, get rid of 2 round fights, get rid of these extra ninjas, make it 2 fields max, get rid of the elemental puppets. I'm sure there's some people also frustrated like I am, trying to get ninja scrolls without being p2w.

Side note: The team I mainly use for elemental puppet ninja exams is Minato Edo Tensei, Deidara Akatsuki Creation, Mabui Taisho, water main(talents 3,2,1,3,3). It really depends on your luck, mostly for Deidara. If enough units hit Minato and get ignition debuff, Deidara might be able to use his mystery round 1, followed by Minato because of his reduce mystery cooldown chase. Edo Minato poison, Deidara heavy ninjutsu damage nuke, should wipe out all other nins.

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These ninja exams are meant to be challenging across the broad spectrum of players, not easily beaten for all players. They are supposed to be extremely difficult even if you have discovered the exact recipe of ninjas, talents, and strategy. Since all of the exams have been cleared already, this demonstrates that they are doable. Have you considered looking for strategy guides or assistance in the strategy section, or maybe via online videos? That would tell you in advance if there are multiple waves, as well as what ninjas to use.

As for not having the right ninjas, that is unfortunate, and I do sympathize, but it may mean that those exams simply aren't doable at present. Not all exams are meant to be done at all power levels and all recruit-levels. You may need to come back once you can tackle them with the appropriate ninja team, or find a good substitute! Again, the strategy section is a great place to find advice for substitutes that can work.

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