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[ Suggestions ] Accidentally clicked on the "Report" *on in the mail


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Hello, in a mail I received from a group mate I accidentally clicked on Report (I initially wanted to click on "Reply" but missclicked). It might be advised to first add a confirmation box that asks you if you really want to report this mail or not. It might help preventing accidents like this in the future.

Below I've shown the mail I'm adressing, as you can see there is no report worthy content in this mail and the "Report" *on is grayed out (meaning it has been clicked, in this case on accident).

My information: Server: S-378 Burn Everything

Username: Emma

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I will look into this for you, but most likely since this was an accident and there is clearly no wrongdoing or misbehavior of any sort, nothing will come of this erroneous misbehavior report, so you do not need to worry about it, but please do try to be more careful in the future! Thanks!

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