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[ Suggestions ] What we Lack !


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Excuse me moderators, for always bothering you with longings and requests for new things, but I have been waiting for some SB / ST for some time and I would like to

know if you could ask Tencent to implement them in the English version.

Among these SB / ST:

Baki (ST/SB)

Deidara (ST)

Enma (ST/SB)

Fuguki [Edo Tensei] (ST/SB)

Fuu Yamanaka (ST)

Gaara [Shippuden] (ST)

Han [Five Tails Jinchuuriki] (SB/ST)

Hanzo [Edo Tensei] (SB/ST)

Ino [GNW] (SB/ST)

Inoichi Yamanaka (SB/ST)

Jiraiya [Sannin War] (ST)

Kurotsuchi (SB/ST)

Lee [Shippuden] (ST)

Mu [Second Tsuchikage] (SB/ST)

Obito [Ten Tails Jinchuuriki] (SB/ST)

Orochimaru [Sannin War] (ST)

Pain Chikushodo (ST)

Sai (ST)

Sasori (ST)

Sasuke [Suit] (ST)

Shikaku Nara (ST)

Shino [Shippuden] (ST)

Shizune (SB/ST)

Temari [GNW] (SB/ST)

Torune Aburame (ST)

I thank you for your attention. A good game to everyone.

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Hello, some of the mods have been asking in regards to these skillbreaks, and I will ensure that they are mentioned again.

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