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i have noticed that there are classes with quite a bit of variety, however there are some aspects which haven't been touched upon when it comes to class, which would be mainly - puppetry, revival/resurrection, combat, artificial body/limbs, and edo tensei

while some mains are pos 1 or 2 during early game, all mains tend to fall short during late game in terms of offensive abilities, and are more designed for support; additionally, puppeteers and edo tensei units can be quite useful, however all puppet units fall short during late game compared to many other ones and are easily overshadowed by units which hit multiple opponents or create clone, or even targeting certain units instead of hitting the puppets first

not only that edo tensei units can be pretty powerful, but when they fail to buff the main they are overshadowed as well, although not as much as the puppet ones
also no mains seem to possess a puppet body or limbs

so my suggestion would be creating a class focused around being pos 1 and creating, buffing or/and reviving puppets or edo tensei units (including itself), while it's means of combat could be with an artificial left arm which c*low for things such as heavy multi hit damage or a skill that creates some / each turn a puppet made out of chakra
an additional suggestion could be increasing the multiple standard attacks of the whole team or multiple units

also perhaps there can be a rage system introduced, at least for this class, where all stats increase mid-combat however depending on the unit there can be drawbacks such as less healing given and received, less max hp, less attack or ninjutsu, less critical or/and less defense or resistance, or perhaps other drawbacks? though i wouldn't be bothered at all if this idea wouldn't be introduced as it is just a simple suggestion

i understand if you are okay with the way things are right now, but i believe that creating such class would allow for more variety and strategy and allow for more units to shine where otherwise they couldn't, and that incorporating such systems c*low for increased lineup and skill variety when utilizing this class or other ones

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more then half of the things are done by earth main full bt, althou if it was as in CN for him to scale resistance as well would had been a lot better

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Hello! Thanks so much for your suggestion.

In the future, please use the "Suggestion Thread" found in Bug/Support section for suggestions.

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