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[ Ninja Exam ] How To Beat Ninja Exams 295 - 298 With The Lightning Main Character


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(As The Title Above States As Such Though) This Is The Team That I've Currently Used To Beat Ninja Exams 295 - 298 (Ultimately Though)

Lineup 1

Additional Requirements For The Ninja Exam's Completion Are As Follows (Currently Though) Firstly, You Must Equip Pakkun As Your Main's Mystery Summon And Also Your Mabui (Lightning Enhancement Card) At Level 7 For Your Assistance Card Slot Or Assist Card Slot (Ultimately Though..But I'm Not Sure If This Method Will Work Out For You..If Her Card Is Anything That's Lower Than Level 5 (Ultimately Though)..But Still Feel Free To Try Though) And Your Treasured Tools Setups For This Team Are As Follows As Well (Also Too Though) : First - Main - Fan, Second - Hayate - Gourd, Third - Karui With The Sword And Finally Shikamaru (Christmas) With The Rope (Ultimately Though) And As For Assistance On The Ninja Exam 296 Level (Though) That Was Entirely based On Luck (For Me) When I Passed It Then So Your Results May Vary (Inevitably Though) Although All That I Can Say For You Is Just To Focus On Ay (The Fourth Raikage) On The Bottom Left Corner Of The Opponent's Team And Then Move Onto The Third Raikage And Then Also Onto Killer Bee And Then You Should Be Able To Pass That Ninja Exam (Ultimately Though) And Also As For Ninja Exam 298 I Just Switched Around The Positions Of The Karui And Hayate Units Around So That You Can Interrupt Minato (Edo Tensei)'s Mystery And Then Move Onto The (Edo Tensei) Hashirama With Taking Down Naruto's (Kurama Chakra Mode) Alongside Him With Karui's Mystery (That Is As Such Though)

Here's A Picture To Demonstrate What I'd Previously Meant Above (That Is As Such Though)

Lineup 2

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