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Could someone tell me if it is worth spending on Lucky Snat? To try to get the shisui

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Seems like an interesting counter for Naruto 6p since you get Fear & Evasion down: Capture

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  • Yeshe V On 2021-04-25 04:52:49
  • has anyone made good teams with shisui againts 6p?

I don't have any specific team set since I don't have NY Tobirama yet, but since Shisui relies on his chase and most of the time Naruto dodges, getting Tobirama would help a lot since he'll decrease Naruto's evasion. Him and Shisui are both sword users, Konoha, secret jutsu users so you could run fire or lightning main to buff them if you wanted. And then just put whatever support as the third ninja.

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  • Yeshe V On 2021-04-25 04:52:49
  • has anyone made good teams with shisui againts 6p?


Was using Shisui [Kimono] + Madara [Great Ninja War] + Minato [Edo Tensei] with Red Barrier. Kinda tricky but if proc a combo chase then Naruto [Sage of Six Path] will be immobilized up until the next round. Kind of fun actually xD

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You may or may not get him, but its not worth spending this week. Wait for a fuku

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has anyone made good teams with shisui againts 6p?

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Got Shisui after about 50~ spins this time - complete RNG though. I did 500 spins and after about the first 100 I didnt get any shards (Kakuzu, Madara, or Shisui) , so 400 ~ spins of no luck after the first 100 being pretty good...

Below is just my result, not real stats but might give you some idea.

Lucky * - 500 DrawGotRate
Bond Optional Pack7715.4%
Common Essense7515.0%
100 Coupons61.2%
Madara Uchiha - Edo Release (10)10.2%
Cultivation Pill71.4%
Lv. 5 Magmata Pack295.8%
Deluxe Myboku Pack8917.8%
Treasure Key x5336.6%
Shisui - Kimono (100) 10.2%
Epic Refine Rune8617.2%
150 Coupons30.6%
Advanced Protection Vial7815.6%
Mantra Elixer x2122.4%
Kakuzu AC x130.6%

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worth it. go for it. got mine with only 30 spins

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Spending on Lucky Sn(a)tch can be a success or not, most of the time so, if you have a limited amount of resources and you are not the type of person who can't take a failure then do not try it and better save up and buy the ninja you want straight from other Events instead of this one where you have to rely on your chances. Thank you.

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