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[ Player Guide ] Chances of May Fuku being bad


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Hi, so got the 50% voucher thingy and is tempting the crap out of me to burn like 8k cp to get some stuff, problem is in doing so i completely negate myself the chance of doing May's fuku which i should be able to do if i don't spend nothing.

Sooo yea part of me is wishing for someone to tell me "dw bro may's fuku gonna be terrible go ahead and spend!" buut.. will it, really? with the upcoming edo madara bt, tsunade byakugo coupon release.. iiii might be better off not spending nothing now and getting one of the big fishes next month.

Who has a crystal ball to tell me if May's fuku will be an aye or nay?

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It's been a heated debate, nay it is. Thanks for the advice!

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The mega carnival ended on wednesday, but you made the thread on thursday... Regardless of if may fuku is going to be good or bad, it is always better to hit all the milestones in the fuku.

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