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[ Suggestions ] From Flash to HTML5?


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Can the whole game be changed to HTML5 or any other alive successful coding please?, cus flash player is dead and any present bug in flash will remain there...... which will definitely be reflected on the game...... also it means that game future (features and developments) has will have limits at where Flash player stopped (won't be able to progress beyond the last Flash limits).

not to mention in that case the game will be playable again on all browsers for those who can't/don't want use mini client, which will be helpful to the game popularity/spreading among people (as it's easier to play without having to look for certain browsers etc...). as for example 2 of my friends did quit last year when there was issues with browser and facebook login and they can't run mini client for technical reasons! so they had no way to get on so they quit..... and i guess there are many like that....or unable to start playing to begin with for similar reasons.

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This is something that's been brought up before. I believe this is a fairly difficult undertaking which is why it has not yet been done, but I will be sure to submit the suggestion for you.

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