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[ Suggestions ] Make more f2p ninja useful


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  • S971DrObitology On 2021-04-20 21:28:25
  • I throw my money however I want. nobody cheap opinions can stop me. u r the one assuming to know every single things. oasis, the en version, possess own way of economics. who r u to force this game rightful owner to follow the cn version. u nobody sir. this isnt democracy, get it right. let's say, if, a big if, the company wanted to toned down the price of things and be more friendly to f2p, thats good to everybody, not just u. u r not the victim here, so dont act like oasis force you to play here.

    oh, I find this funny. if what u gonna say will be deleted anyway, why do you even post here. shut up is a much better option for you.

    u like the cn version economics that much, why r u still here? it really depends to the rightful owner to even change anything.

    you really believe that oasis gonna change their economics just by you being a smartsss who knows everything and judge their method? like I said, get urself right first. then comeback here^^ u hate the way things r, get lost to the cn version. problem solved. if u read chinese :P

typical... you didnt even understand what i said... go read again what i said and maybe, maybe this time you'll understand

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  • Kamorus On 2021-04-21 03:47:20
  • I only put this thought down in the forums to help the f2p and low power people. If it doesn't happen, then it don't. If it does, then awesome.

I Know Right (Though), Kamorus San Because These Actions That Would've Been Taken By The Developers Of This Game Here Will Just Make The Game's Overall Experience Better For Every User Of This Game (Inevitably Though) Regardless If You're (Currently) A F2P Player Or A P2W Player At That Time (Currently Though), TiredOfPlunder San..?

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