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Naruto Six Paths Mystery Y+1


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99% of people that are "chinese server experts" didn't ever play on that server so this "chinese server people dont stack p1" bs has to stop.

No, Chinese people stack pos1 ninjas like we do (it's the best way to play the game...) and they are as destroyed by Naruto splash calculations as other servers. Only people that have equal power P1-P4 are extreme whales who can't stack their P1 ninja anymore and it works like that for every server just CN has most of those people and for views those are in spacetime videos. Obviously nobody will showcase regular 800k player from CN but you can trust me that he has stacked pos1 only and is 1 shoted by splash like we are.

Splash damage should be nerfed cuz it's a problem for 95% of playerbase CN server included, ninja assist card that reduces splash damage taken would be nice I guess since nerfing ninjas is always bad idea for multiple reasons.

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