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[ Lineup ] Tobirama Senju [New Year] Lineups


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Hey guys!




Mystery: A nice little damage mystery, I don't think this new debuff is too strong but it does synergize really well with his passive 2

Standard Attack: This is a really weird standard, very RNG based because it causes different chase combos and you have a chance of 1 or 2 or 3 units you never know

Chase: Just some extra damage and an additional stack of his debuff

Passive 1: Dodging is always good and you can stack his debuff which synergizes greatly with passive 2

Passive 2: Everything except his standard attack is giving enemies the new debuff so you can easily do 5x standard attacks in normal battles (or 10x in gnw etc) which is really strong in my opinion and therefore he can be used as a pos1 or pos2 ninja

Really interesting ninja reducing evasion rate and doing a lot of standard attacks. Can be quite strong but consider that you might need some protection for him because he doesn't have debuff immunity or super armor (only 1 dodge)

1. Fire Main


2. Earth Main


3. Earth Main 2


4. Water Main


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