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[ Lineup ] Rinne sasuke 4*


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Hey guys,

I recently got edo nagato to 4* and I already have rinne sasuke 4 stars max bt. So, I was wondering if it was possible to make any teams with them. If so, then plz help me out.

P.S. Any mains, ninjas or summons. Just make sure you don't include ninjas like ashura and indra :D

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This is what I use with those two:

2021-04-11 02_11_40-Window

The +2 passive 1 on GNW Madara (+40% atk and 20% nin for the row) might actually be better than the Y+1 (super armor with shield) but I only have the blue Y form and the atk boost isn't worth it for Sasuke who is a ninjutsu user. If you outspeed your opponent and have decent luck with fear this is a pretty good counter to SOSP.

Since you didn't post ninjas idk who you have and you might not have GNW Madara BT. So if not here are some other options you could put in:

- Kakuzu (Akatsuki Creation or BT Earth Grudge Fear. If you use AC Kakuzu I'd put him in pos 3 and Nagato in pos 2).

- Konan (Swimsuit, Taisho, or regular. Also probably better in pos 3).

- Taka Suigetsu

- Yugao Uzuki

- BT Pain Gakido or Jigokudo (put them in pos 3 or 4. They buff both Nagato and Sasuke so that's nice)

- Izuna Uchiha

- A control ninja like Kurenai, NY Hashirama, or Edo Itachi

Not a comprehensive list but Sasuke has a LOT of attribute tags (Akatsuki, Konoha, Secret Jutsu, Sword user, Rinnegan, Uchiha, Curse mark, Sound village) so anyone who buffs one of those things would probably work well. You could also use someone like WB Asuma or Kisame Samehada if you wanna get more chakra for him for the scaling.

Edit: forgot to mention Kimono Itachi as another possible pos 2 ninja. A nice ninjutsu buff for the row and his barrier is decent against SOSP. If you run it with Earth main you just gotta be careful to time your main's mystery until the end of the round so your other ninjas will be able to attack under Itachi's barrier.

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