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Has anyone been able to beat Naruto six ways? % !!! in my case 99.7% lost battles

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yeah I beat him like 50% of the time

obito gnw+nagato Edo BT+wind main with nature drain and dance of impetus,and asuma wb with courage +2

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If you don't have one of these ninja:

- Rinnesharingan Sasuke ( 4* breakthrough, his Fear and scaling passives are a must)

- Obito [GNW]

- Zabuza [Ronin]

then you're unlikely to win against SOSP, even of the same or slightly lower battle power. Even if you do have them, you need to be able to outspeed your opponent to win in most cases. I currently use Rinnesasuke/GNW Madara/Nagato (all BT) and I'd say it's like a 75% win rate if I have more initiative.

Another option is to use Kimono Itachi's mystery (if you have him by some chance) to try to stop Naruto's standards and scaling. You could also try running a hard control team, like, 3 control ninjas (Summer Kurenai, NY Hashirama, Fire Main) and 1 ninja with a strong round 1 or 2 mystery.

It's hard to say what your best option is without knowing which ninjas you have but that's my general advice. Good luck.

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