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[ Bugs ] I can't login


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hey guys, is there any help for error like this ? i already tried clear cache and flush dns, and it seems like it's not only my account . i already tried another account but it still the same.. is there a maintenance or something ? because my login streak will be gone if i can't login :( and btw i tried another server and i can login .. it seems server 1485 there is a problem


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Hello, I tested the original server posted in this thread, and it is working, with other players currently online. If you are still having this issue, I would suggest restarting your computer and router, and see if you still experience this issue.

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i can't login too. i have good conection, i have tried to change wifi to mobile phone internet, but the mini client show black screen, not loading

server HK-694

server HK-751

edit: i can play normally now.

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