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Steal bug


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In mine when click steal I keep on encountering a 1 mine and when I click steal the ninja is different the weird thing is they have the same main character and ninja assist all at same level 81 and 7 and in leaderboard there is not a single people who use a level 81 midnight blade

and then I even encountering a mine WITH NINJA I USE TO STEAL there is only 3 people in s1629 who use shizuka me and 2 other quit people

but they also have yugao and gakido the same ninja I use

next time I'll screenshot it but plz fix I want to steal my friend mine

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This happens when there are no mines available for you to steal. This is an NPC generated to allow you to have a mine to steal so that you are not prevented from using the mine plundering option. If you check your log, you should see their name come up as "Mysterious Ninja." You should also notice that the mine level is Level 5, but that no other mines are unlocked, which is impossible for players.

If you'd like to try to match with your friend, try attacking at another time of day.

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