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Event Feedback: Recruitment Feedback


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Hello - Just posting to share my feedback on the Recruitment Feedback event. I've been looking forward to this one so that I could use my seal scrolls and it's very disappointing that 500 and 800 times reward is so insignificant. You get 5 fragments of Edo Senju for using 500 more seal scrolls... I was fully prepped to recharge and max out this event until I saw the last tier rewards. Now I'm a little bitter that I went a bit over 300 before I realized. 0 motivation to spend further for 5 shards.

In contrast, the 500 summon rebate is 55 summon scrolls, 20 optional yellow summon packs, and 42 unbound rune packs. That is definitely motivating and makes me want to spend to finish out that rebate. Can you please share this feedback on to whoever makes the decisions because this is really uneven and I'd love to spend more if the events are actually worth anything :)

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I will pass this on for you.
Thanks for the feedback!

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