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[ Bugs ] Can't enter x-server GNW after going into summertime last week


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We can't enter x-server GNW. System did send a message about battlefields (both normal & x-server) being open, so we should be able to.

I know this might be because of clocks being changed into summertime last week, but shoudn't this be fixed already? Every time clocks are changed next weeks GNWs won't work as they should and if we're lucky, we're able to enter... 1 hour into wrong time. Many have skipped and/or lost GNW because of this. Since this keeps happening, shoudn't something be done to make things work? Rest of the game seems to work after every time change as it should be. This happening twice a year, every year has gone old for too long already. At least make system messages happen when GNW really starts, if nothing else, please.


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Same problem every time clocks are changed, they are just too lazy to fix this problem in years now....

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