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[ Suggestions ] Ideas to Improve the Game.


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  • tylermotoki On 2021-03-31 08:44:12
  • Hello, I will pass along your suggestions, but I just wish to clarify and discuss some of the details, so things are as descriptive as possible.

    1. I think this is fairly straight forward, and something that I have heard from other players as well, but I have also heard the opposite from other players. I will still pass it along, but I would suggest taking a break from events for a while. Personally, whenever I start to feel burnt out, I just take a little break from the evening events, and do something else until that feeling passes.

    2. Once again, straight forward, and I have passed this along as well.

    3. This might upset some of the bigger spenders, as they spend to have certainty of acquiring the character, among other things. Would this potential event be able to consider this, or are you seeking pure RNG for character releases? Or perhaps are you wanting just specific character releases this way, while others are paywalled.

    4. This is something I hear a lot, especially from players whose favorite character has been pushed aside for other characters. Is there a specific character that you are wanting a more powerful version of?

    5. Minato Hokage currently has a skill breakthrough, are there other specific skills that you would like skill broken and what would you like them to look like? This goes for the other characters as well, but they do not already have any breakthroughs yet.

    Thank you for your time!

Maybe you should make a new update in NPC Tsunade for got thr Skillbreak Books like in QQ.

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