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[ Suggestions ] Ideas to Improve the Game.


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Hello to all friends of the forum.

I come through this thread to bring some humble ideals that I had to try to make the game Naruto Online a little better.

Hope you like it.

1. Reduction in the number of time limited events.

For many players it is not possible to attend during certain events, as they work or study. This ends up causing them to lose resources to improve their accounts, making the disputes by force even more unbalanced.

I suggest that only Space Time, GNW and Fight Matsuri Challenge remain as fixed events by appointment to happen. The Space Time finals taking place once a month for 15 days, GNW with two fights on Saturday nights and the Fight Matsuri Challenge on Sundays.

The events: Rogue Ninja Ouburst, Nine Tails Capture, Sage World Battlefield, Rescue the Jinchuurikis and Training Grounds could all be replaced by a single PVP event that could be held on Sundays.

As for Team Instances, Deciseve Bonds and Convoy and Plunder could be performed at any time of the day without restrictions.

2. Improvements to Ninja Test and Wanted Missions.

Well ... I think many, if not all, agree that these two events are pretty bad. I suggest some changes, mainly in the matter of prizes to draw more attention from the players. Changes in dynamics would also be welcome to make these two events much more enjoyable.

3. Greater equality in the acquisition of rare ninjas.

First of all, I would like to say that I fundamentally understand the exploitation of the feeling of exclusivity by the gaming companies in exchange for profit. As cold and cruel as it may seem, this is how life works. However, I think there may be smarter ways to exploit these feelings, for example, instead of putting rare ninjas in spending events as has been done today, I believe it would be better to place them in lucky events such as roulette, as well as many other games. do. Thus, the most competitive players would continue to spend (maybe even more) to maintain the feeling of owning something exclusive and F2P players would be satisfied with the prospect of getting a rare ninja. Everyone wins.

4. Greater fluidity in the meta game.

What I mean by this?

Only that the game gives more prominence to more characters (especially those with a fundamental role in the anime), instead of just privileging a few. It is frustrating to see people with exactly the same teams, but unfortunately due to the strength that some ninjas have, it is understandable that everyone uses identical teams.

I do not propose the extinction of the meta here, but only that they broaden the range of characters in the meta.

5. SkillTriall for old characters.

Many characters that used to be part of the meta game have already deserved a decent Skill Trial for ages. Among them: Shisui Kotoamatsukami, Itachi Susano'o, Minato Hokage ...

I think it's really cool that new characters are introduced in the game, but I would like old characters to also have special attention. It would be an immense joy to see these beloved characters back in the game.

Anyway, those were my ideas. I understand that my opinions do not express the thinking of all players. I would just like to share my vision of the game with the community.

Thank you very much for your attention, a hug to everyone and bye bye.

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  • tylermotoki On 2021-03-31 08:44:12
  • Hello, I will pass along your suggestions, but I just wish to clarify and discuss some of the details, so things are as descriptive as possible.

    1. I think this is fairly straight forward, and something that I have heard from other players as well, but I have also heard the opposite from other players. I will still pass it along, but I would suggest taking a break from events for a while. Personally, whenever I start to feel burnt out, I just take a little break from the evening events, and do something else until that feeling passes.

    2. Once again, straight forward, and I have passed this along as well.

    3. This might upset some of the bigger spenders, as they spend to have certainty of acquiring the character, among other things. Would this potential event be able to consider this, or are you seeking pure RNG for character releases? Or perhaps are you wanting just specific character releases this way, while others are paywalled.

    4. This is something I hear a lot, especially from players whose favorite character has been pushed aside for other characters. Is there a specific character that you are wanting a more powerful version of?

    5. Minato Hokage currently has a skill breakthrough, are there other specific skills that you would like skill broken and what would you like them to look like? This goes for the other characters as well, but they do not already have any breakthroughs yet.

    Thank you for your time!

Hello Tyler.

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I apologize for the countless grammatical mistakes I made. (grammar has always been a problem for me).

I also apologize for the delay in publishing my responses. I usually get a little busy on the first days of the month and I don't have a lot of free time.

1. Well, first question, regarding greater equality in the acquisition of rare ninjas. My idea is that only a small number of newly released ninjas are made available in this way.

And that the alternative roulette prizes (or whatever the event in question) were attractive to encourage players to spend (rare materials to improve the account in generous amounts would not be bad).

2. Second question, is there a specific character that I would like to have a stronger version of? No doubt. I would really like a stronger version of Sasori, Pain Tendo, Orochimaru and other characters.

3. And the last question: Are there other specific skills that you would like skill broken and what would you like them to look like?

I have some ST and SB ideals for several ninjas. If you allow it and don't mind, I could make a thread apart from just those ideas.

Well, I hope I have clarified the points.

Thanks again for wasting your time *yzing the proposed mines, thanks bro.

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Sasuke [Hebi]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Lightning Style - Kirin – Cause large undodgable Lightning attribute damage, Knockdown, 10 COMBO and Interruption to the selected unit. Deals 80% splash damage to units 2 grids away from the selected unit. (This skill ignores shields).

Standart Attack: Sword Skill – Bloodthirsty Blade - Attacks the opponent’s unit with the least Life points, and has a high chance of causing High Float. (This ability ignores clones and summoned creatures).

Chase: Lightning Style - Chidori Stream: Triggered with 30 Combos, causes 5 Combos and irremovable Paralysis to 4 random units. (This skill cannot miss).

Chase 2: Summoning Jutsu: Duel Tag Explosion – Triggered with 15 COMBO or more, cause damage to up to 2 enemies, Ignition and also Low Float to a random enemy.

Passive: Sharingan – Counter Genjutsu: Whenever Sasuke suffers a negative status, the attacker will have his defense and resistance reduced by 8%. (Ac*ulates up to 5 times during battle).

Sasori [Akatsuki Creation]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Iron Sand World Order – Cause heavy Earth and Wind attribute damage to all enemy units Interruption and Paralysis. (When you no longer own a Third Kazekage Puppet in the field, this skill is replaced by: Secret Red Technique – Gimmick Puppet).

Standart Attack: Puppet Control Jutsu – Attack 3 – 5 enemies from a line, with high chance of causing Repulse.

Passive1: Summoning Jutsu – Third Kazekage Puppet – At the beginning of the battle summons a Third Kazekage Puppet based on 100% of Sasori’s total attributes.

Chase: Six Inch Nails – Chases Knockdown, causes Low Float and Irremovable Strong Poison.

Passive2: Poison Specialist – Before the first action of the round, heals two teammates. While Sasori is in the field, allied ninjas will not suffer damage from negative status.

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Secret Red Technique – Gimmick Puppet – Cause damage to up to 9 units from the opponent’s team and Irremovable Poison for 2 rounds.

Itachi [Edo Tensei]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Izanami – Cause light damage to the selected unit and Izanami. (Units under Izanami cannot perform any action, including dodging attacks. In addition, they also cannot receive buffs and cannot be healed for 2 rounds. This ability cannot be avoided or dispelled.)

Standart Attack: Yasaka Magatama – Attacks the first line of units from the opponent’s lineup while Suppress Super Armor. This skill has a high chance of causing Knockdown.

Chase: Amaterasu – Chase and attacks a High Floated unit, causes Low Float and irremovable Ignition.

Passive1: Gentle Peacemaker – As long as Itachi is on field, ninjas under Izanami cannot take damage. In addition, while Itachi is on field, damage caused by Standart Attacks against your team will be reduced by 35%.

Passive 2: Crow Clone – This ninja has 30% chance of evasion.

Naruto [Kurama Mode]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Planet Rasengan – Causes wind attribute damage and Interruption to the opponent’s entire lineup, the affected unit will also suffer from Repulse and 10 COMBO. Also suppress Super Armor from the selected target until the end of the round.

Standart Attack: Tailed Beast Attack: Attacks the opponent’s unit in the front row (+20%). There is a high chance of causing 10 Combo and Repulse.

Chase: Super - Mini Tailed Beast Ball – Chases and Attacks a Repulsed unit, causes Low Float, Immobile and Ignition as well Suppress Immunity and decrease Mystery Skill cool down by 1 round.

Passive1: Chakra Teleportation Jutsu – This ninja has 30% chance of evasion. In addition, whenever Naruto dodges an attack, Ninjutsu will be increased by 12% and Initiative by 0,8%.

Passive2: Chakra Cloak – Naruto is Immune to all debuffs. Furthermore, increases your allies' defense and resistance by 15% for every 20 chakra points your team has.

Minato [Jonin]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Time Space Combo – Cause great damage to the target, 10 COMBO Interruption and Knockdown. Also Minato gets 2 extra Standart Attacks. (Every time this unit’s Standart Attack triggers 6 COMBO, this units Mystery Skill cool down is reduced by 1 round).

Standart Attack: Taijutsu Attack – Attacks a random opponent's unit with a chance to launch a 6 COMBO and Knockdown. (It also causes Raijin Tag).

Chase: – Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style - Triggered with at least 20 COMBO, causes damage to 5 units of the opponent's Lineup and Raijin Tag.

Passive1: Flying Raijin Jutsu – Very high chances of evading the first Mystery Skill, Chase Skill and Standart Attack suffered by this unit. Also increases own chance of dodging Standart Attacks by 50%.

Passive2: Will of Fire - Whenever this unit launches a Standart Attack, it increases his own Attack by 12%. In addition, Minato's damage against ninjas under Raijin Tag will always be accurate.

Shisui Uchiha [Kotoamatsukami]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Kotoamatsukami – Deal light damage to the target and Submission. (Lasting 2 Rounds). When a friendly unit is selected, removes all Debuffs, while providing Immunity to Debuffs Lv2 for 2 Round. {Submission: 45% of the damage done by units under submission against enemies will be reversed against their allies. Submission cannot be dispelled or avoided.}

Standart Attack: Uchiha Style – Halo Dance – Cause undodgeable damage to up to 3 ninjas in a row and has a high chance of Repulse and Ignition.

Chase: Uchiha Shisui – Wind Sword – Chase Repulsed and causes Low Float, ignores Resistance and Defense partially.

Passive1: Encouragement – Before each action of the round, Ninjutsu and Resistance of all Uchiha and Konoha units on the field are increased by 15%. (Can be ac*ulated up to 5 times).

Passive2: Teleportation Jutsu – Very high chances of evading the first Mystery Skill, Chase Skill and Standart Attack suffered by this unit. Also increases own chance of dodging Standart Attacks by 50%.

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Suggestions for New Ninjas.

Orochimaru [Chunnin Exam]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Summoning Jutsu - Giant Snake – Cause damage to up to 9 enemies in the field and Interruption, also causes Knockdown to the selected unit.

Standart Attack: Snake Charmer Jutsu – Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a high chance of causing Repulse. Orochimaru increases his attack by 8% whenever he uses this skill. (stackable).

Chase: Wind Release: Great Destruction – Triggered with 20 COMBO, causes damage to up to 6 enemies in the field, 5 COMBO and ignores defense partially.

Passive1: Kawarimi - Mud Clone - Orochimaru is immune to Debuffs. In addition, this unit has a high chance of escaping Mystery Skills.

Passive2: Paralysis Genjutsu – At the beginning of each round, Ninjutsu and Resistance of two random units decreases by 12%.

Kidomaru [Cursed Seal]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Spider's War Bow: Terrible Division – Cause huge and undodgable damage to the target, as well as Knockdown and Interruption. Also causes 80% splash damage to enemies 2 cells away from the target.

Standart Attack: Summoning Jutsu – Raining Spider – Attacks 3 units from the same lineup, causes 3 COMBO and has a chance of Knockdown to one of them.

Chase: Spider Web Flower – Triggered with at least 20 COMBO, causes damage to 2 random units while decreases the Initiative by 0,8% of every enemy hit by this skill. (stackable).

Passive1: *y Gold Armor – Before the first action in the round, generates a Shield based on 30% of this unit Resistance. As long as this unit maintains the shield, it will become immune to damage from ignition and poison.

Passive2: Cursed Seal – This unit's Attack and Defense will increase by 8% whenever an enemy unit uses a Mystery Skill.

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