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Hello everybody.

I decided to start a poll specifically targeted at F2P and Low Cachers players and I would love for you to help me by giving your sincere answers to the following questions:

1. Do you have any of the following ninjas?

# Madara Jinchuuriki

# Obito Jinchuuriki

# Asura

# Indra

# Tsunade Hundred Heals

# Karin Taka

# Naruto Ronin

2. If so, in what event did you get it and how much did you spend to get it?

3. Is the ninja in question 3, 4 or 5 stars?

4. Would you say that the average price of the ninja fragments in question is reasonable? If you disagree what would you say is the fair price charged for fragments of this ninja?

I look forward to your responses. Bye Bye.

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1: no

2: dont have em

3:dont have

4: everyone in there im ok with except karin and naruto,they arent supposed to be top tier ninja.especially karin,shes useless in the anime

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1) No
2) -
4)Every single thing in this game is overpriced, but those are absolutely ridiculous

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1- no



4- Most ninja are insanely overpriced, but i think it makes the game better, cuz then less people have these broken ninja, i know to get indra u had to recharge like 85000 ingots which is insane, but madara isnt that hard to get, in the sakura gift one, as long as u get first place u have him

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1. No

2. -

3. -

4. It's hard question. I think it's quite okay because rare ninjas should be that - rare. They should be hard at collecting for F2P players, i said it as F2P player. Because server is 2 month old and there are 20-30 Obitos Ten Tail - that's insane! But, there shouldn't be ninjas only for P2W players. I think this way we could call game friendly for F2P - when you can get every possible ninja for free, no matter how much time it takes. Because as i said - rare should be rare. Btw, that also means, that old ninjas could fight new ones. But again - is it realistic when Udon kills Orochimaru? I don't think so. It's really complicated and we should trust devs in this question. I don't think that community should solve this issues. But at the same time - it's always good to know devs way of thinking, why they do things that they do.

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