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Easter Event Specials – Retrieving the Otsutsuki’s Eggs


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Easter Event Specials – Retrieving the Otsutsuki’s Egg of Disaster

Event Period: 29th of March to 4th of April

“The Otsutsuki Eggs were stolen, look for it and report it to the Dispatched Ninja”

How to Play:

  • Look for the stolen Eggs in the image below and find the clue to know who the Dispatched Ninja is.
  • After finding out how many eggs are in the image in this thread, move to other Forum Section and search for the Eggs and Hidden Clue also.
  • If you’re done searching, visit General Discussion Section thread here and post your answer together with your details. Make sure to read the instructions properly and follow it.

Strategy Section - Event Image

Good luck and have fun!

Naruto Online Operations Team

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