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Amu*t Park 50% off - what to buy?


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Hello! I have some coupons saved up and randomly got a 50% off coupon in the Amu*t Park event with the free daily draw... I'm curious if any of the items in the Hand-Picked Bazaar are worth using my coupons with this 50% off? I'm newer to the game and not sure if I should burn what I have saved on that.

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There's a lot of items you can buy in Am(us)ement Park with great use such as power-up items but I'd suggest you to better hold on to your coupons right now and spend it next time when Fukurokumaru's Deal is available. That way, you'll gain more valuable items while spending your coupons. However, Discount Vouchers expires after the event ends so it is up to you whether you spend it right now or not. Thank you.

* Secret Scroll Optional Packs or Training Potion Packs are worth spending for.

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or get the explosive gift hearth pack but that's up to your cps and desire

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Only if you need something otherwise spending around Fuku is best

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  • Yeshe V On 2021-03-23 17:20:01
  • Only if you need something otherwise spending around Fuku is best

That Certainly Is The Best Course Of Action For You To Take When You Want More For Your Coupon's (Estimated Worth In Value Ultimately Though), Yeshe San

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Wait for fuku...

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unless you are a whale and don't know what to do with your coupons xD

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