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[ Group ] Support for gamers whose English is poor and whose native language is Turkish


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Naruto Online, Türkiye anime izleyicilerinin aşina olduğu bir oyundur. Çünkü geçmişte Türkiye'de Naruto Online'ın sunucusu vardı. Ama sonra tamamen kapandı.

Ben de Türkiyeli'yim. "S17: Zabuza | UK" sunucusunda oynuyorum. Benim gibi İngilizcesi zayıf oyuncular benimle iletişime geçebilir. Umarım elimden geldiğince onlara yardım edebilirim.

Naruto Online is a game familiar to from Turkey anime viewers. Because in the past there were Naruto Online's server in Turkey. But then it closed completely.

I am too from Turkey. I'm playing on the "S17: Zabuza | UK" server. Players with poor English, like me, can contact me. I hope, i can help them as best I can.

Nickname: esved

Discord: esved#8220

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This article is interesting to me as a Naruto user. I like the Naruto game a lot, it is so exciting. Disneyland treats

Also, the style of the game is unique, it’s like we are in a different world. Discussions like this are good.

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