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[ Bugs ] Cannot change Avatar - Help Please!


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Hello - I am unable to chance my Avatar...

What browser are you using : FireFox, Chrome, and IE (tried all 3)

Error :

Sometimes the picture shows up and sometimes the picture doesnt display at all when trying to upload. Sometimes it says upload failed, sometimes it says please choose a picture first... but it never works either way. I've tried .jpg and .png.

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I'm Not Sure..If They Had Currently Fixed The "Uploading Profile Picture Situation" On The Forums Here From A While Ago (As Of Yet Though)..Purgatori San..? (Which Could Of Been The Main Reason As To Why You Are (Still) Currently Experiencing Issues For Setting A Profile Picture On Your Profile (To Begin With) On The Forums Here (That Is As Such Though), Purgatori San)

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Hello, the issue regarding profile pictures on the forum is known, and we have previously asked for it to be fixed, but I will inquire about this again.

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