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Rogue Ninja Question


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My power is 412,549. By myself, I oneshot rogue ninja using my kisame team.


When one of my friends join me, he is 100k higher than me, I still oneshot the rogue ninja. He will be afk and doesnt auto, so Im still attacking and still one shot. Now sometimes another friend joins and he is 1m in power, so his initiative will be way higher than mine. He wasnt one shotting, so my question is, when your in a team, do the rogue ninja get stronger. And do they get stronger depending on the teams power. Like my friend that joined was 1m, so they got much stronger. Is that how it works?

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I'm not sure about power but if he's higher level than your then rogue get higher level as well.. and ofc get stronger.

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The level of the rogue ninja is the average level of all members in your team.

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I noticed that if i go for rogues not solo, they are stronger, even though i had the same lvl as my partner.

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i know this is an old thread at this point but, there might be a chance that, not that ninjas are stronger when in a team but you are stronger when solo, there is a research in group that says when participate in rogue ninja outburst in solo all basic attributes will be increased by 10%, its a phase 1 card, maybe your group use it

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