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[ Suggestions ] Everlasting/Return to Konoha


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Hi, just want to say I remember this event from a while ago and I thought I could participate in it this time around for coupons/rewards and all that.

The problem is there are some ... major issues in trying to get people to return to the game AND stay for a day, let alone a week that are the same issues now like they were before.

First issue: No progress/stuck. Also, the idea of starting over made them leave faster than they came back :/. Understandable.

Second issue: Overpriced items and redeems. Example: Getting coupons from convoys, will of fire return, dailies, some survival trial, crazy luck in picking right ninja in cat quiz, etc. are good sources for coupons. But coming back to the game to be hit with a 60k fuku made them realize how long the journey was to get "anything decent" and it was a non-starter for a couple of them. Seeing progress in terms of years and months time, they ended up recommending me other games to play. LOL.

Third issue: The game is virtually the same as when they left it, just more expensive. Some people just won't do grinds/same daily gameplay. Others see too long a time before either new content opens or they see that there is nothing new to the game at all.

Fourth issue: Other games, real life timing, can't make events on time, etc.

So, I guess my suggestion is that if you are trying to get people who left to play the game, maybe address why they left in the first place?

Not much can be done about the fourth issue, but the first three maybe.

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I (Also) Have The Same Sentiments As To You Too (Also), Firestarter San

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Hello, thank you for your feedback on this event, and the state of the game! I will collect this and pass it along.

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