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Ninja Description - Inoichi Yamanaka Screenshot (29)

Proof of Recruitment of Kamui Screenshot (34)

Corrected Description


Mind Body Destruction Dance Jutsu [Prompt]:

Causes light damage to a selected unit and to up to 4 units of the opponent’s formation suffering from Immobile or Sleeping. These units will suffer from Chaos.

Standard Attack

Taijutsu Attack:

Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a chance of a 3 COMBO and Low Float.


Mind-Transmission Jutsu:

Chases and Attacks an Immobile or Sleeping unit and causes Chaos. (While suffering from Chaos, a unit will attack friendly units, lasts for 1 round)


Mind-Reading Jutsu:

Very high chances of evading the Mystery Skills, Standard Attacks or Chase Skills suffered by this unit. Can be triggered once each round.


Chakra Inhale Jutsu:

Every time the opponent uses a mystery skill with Chakra Jutsu, gain the consumed Chakra by 100%.

My In-Game Name: Kamui

My Region: UK

My Server: S157 - Bull

My UID: 200000090295334

My Partner's In-Game Name: Iris

My Partner's Region: UK

My Partner's Server: S154 - Ninja Monkey

My Partner's UID: 200000090087544

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