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Returning Back to Konoha - Hokage Missions


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We’ve all had a friend who lost his path, Naruto sure knows how that feels because he experienced that with Sasuke. The Hokage doesn’t want that to happen again, so he has entrusted us with two special missions!

Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja


In the Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja category, participants must create their own Akatsuki themed ninja. You might be wondering, ‘’Why does the Hokage want us to do this?’’ well, it’s because the Hokage wants us to do our own ‘intel job’, gathering information about our comrade who went rogue, so we can talk him out of it and make him return to our side!

PSA: Yes, you can take images from the internet to give us an idea of how your ninja looks like. Posting an image of the ninja you created is obligatory!

Create Your Own ‘’Welcome Home’’ Story


Midnight Blade has left the village, with plans of joining the Akatsuki and it’s up to Naruto, Breeze Dancer, Crimson Fist, Azure Fang and Scarlet Blaze to find him and talk him out of it and make him return to the village. In this category, participants must create a story of how all of this happened, what made Midnight Blade leave the village and how he got rescued by the characters already mentioned.

PSA: The story must involve every character that have been mentioned in the description.

Event duration: This event will be open from the time it was posted (March 4th, today) until March 17th; 23:59:59 HK Timezone.

Reward: Each category will have 3 winners (total of 6) and will receive 2000 Coupons each.

If you have any questions about the event, please PM them to me instead of posting it in the thread. Any question posted in the thread will be deleted.

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Server ID: 328

In-game name: ユジンタカラ

UID: 200000097379279

Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja

Behind the reason of the ninja: Midnight Blade has decided to join the Akatsuki, not because he is obsessed with evil, but because his dear friend, Scarlet Blaze, is kidnapped. In his last efforts to search for intel, he has left the village, to become:

Midnight Blade [Akatsuki]

(credits for Kuebiko, my old groupmate, for drawing this)


Element: Lightning

Attribute: Male, Konoha, Sword User, Anbu, Akatsuki.

Requirement: Midnight Blade reached 5 stars, Scarlet Blaze hasn't been used by the Player for more than 6 months.

Mystery 1 [Prompt]: (Tai)

Akatsuki's Secret Art - Immense Slash: Deals damage, Suppress Immunity until the end of the round, and Acupuncture for 2 rounds to the selected unit. If the selected unit is a non-Konoha ninja, this skill will cause Irremovable Acupuncture which neglects Immunity for 2 rounds instead of Acupuncture. After using this skill, the Mystery is changed to Akatsuki's Secret Art - Raging Thunder.

Battlefield cooldown: 0

Cooldown: 1

Chakra: 20

Mystery 2 [Prompt]: (Tai/Nin)

Akatsuki's Secret Art - Raging Thunder: Deals Lightning damage, 3 Combo, and Irremovable Paralysis which neglects Immunity for 1 round to up to 9 units in the opponent's field. The selected unit will suffer from Knockdown and have his/her Mystery cooldown locked at 2 until the end of the next round. Any non-Konoha units hit by this skill will suffer 60% more damage. After using this skill, the Mystery is changed to Akatsuki's Secret Art - Immense Slash.

Battlefield cooldown: 0

Cooldown: 1

Chakra: 40

Standard: (Tai/Nin)

Inherited Art - Phlogistic Blade Dance: Attacks the unit with the lowest HP and causes Fire damage, Enfeeble for 1 round, high chance of causing Knockdown. If your lineup has more than 20 Chakra, Midnight Blade will use 20 Chakra to deal Fire and Lightning damage, guarantee causing Knockdown and Fear for 1 round instead of Enfeeble.

Chase: (Tai/Nin)

Secret Sword - Heaven Lightning: Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes Lightning damage, Low Float and increases Midnight Blade's Critical Rate by 5% and Attack by 15% (stackable). Can be triggered at most twice per round.

Passive 1: (Nin)

Assault Tactics - Akatsuki's Lightning Speed: At the beginning of every round, Midnight Blade and 1 random Akatsuki ninja in your lineup will receive Explosive Mode until the end of the round. Under Explosive Mode, their Initiative will be increased by 7%, they will become Immune to Debuffs and whenever their Standard Attacks defeat a unit, receive 2 Extra Standard Attacks.

Passive 2: (Tai/Nin)

Scarlet Blaze - The Will of a Friend: Midnight Blade is immune to Fear. When Midnight Blade is on the field, all Fire ninjas in your field will receive a 25% Ninjutsu and 10% Critical Rate increase, while all non-Konoha ninjas in the opponent's field will have their Resistance decreased by 25% and their Critical Rate decreased by 10%. Whenever a Fire ninja in your lineup is defeated, Midnight Blade immediately executes Akatsuki's Secret Art - Raging Thunder without causing Knockdown. This action will not use Chakra and will not affect the current Mystery or the current Mystery cooldown.

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Ayane Is On The Left Of This Picture Here And Kizuru Is In The Middle And Kotoro Is On The Right Of This Picture Here (As Well) Also (I Might As Well Add In Here (Also) For "Additional Context" To This Picture At Hand Here..That Is As Such Though)

Server : S1 - Naruto

Character Name : KitsuneKiriyo

UID : 200000082303791

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UID: 300004904348363

SID: S1338: Ice Darts Jutsu l NY

IGN: Crystal


Behind the reason of ninja: Because of her determination to get back Sasuke, she's willing to do anything, even desert the village. Upon finding sasuke, knowing he's with the akatsuki now, Pain and Konan encounter her. Wanting to know more about where Sasuke is, she asked to become a member. The akatsuki were in desperate need of a high class healer, and she was perfect for the job. So on that day and forward, she became known as:

Sakura Haruno [Akatsuki]


Element: Water

Attributes: Female, Konoha, Sword User, Akatsuki.

Mystery 1 [Prompt]: (Tai/Nin)

Tremor Rush: Deals a fair amount of damage and interruption to the selected lineup. As well as knockdown to the selected unit. If your team is at 80 chakra, then this skill will affect the entire enemy field with 20% increased damage. Once this skill is used, then the mystery is changed to Akatsuki's Healer

Battlefield cooldown: 1

Cooldown: 2

Chakra: 20

Mystery 2 [Prompt]: (Nin)

Akatsuki's Healer: Heals up to 8 units based on 15% of her ninjutsu, removing all debuffs. Sakura then becomes immune to all debuffs. If your team is at 100 chakra, then this skill heals all units in the field based on 25% of her ninjutsu, removing all debuffs. All akatsuki members on the field, then become immune to debuffs. Once this skill is used, then the mystery is changed back to Tremor Rush.

Battlefield cooldown: 0

Cooldown: 2

Chakra: 0

Standard: (Tai)

Piercing Sword Attack: Attacks a random line of units, causing damage and a chance of repulse. If your team is at 50 chakra, this skill has high chance of repulse.

Chase: (Tai)

Cherry Blossom Clash: Chases and Attacks a Repulsed unit, causing high float and chaos. If your team is at 50 chakra, this skill will also reduce mystery cooldown by 1.

Passive 1: (Nin)

Reserve Seal: While this ninja is in the field all akatsuki units will have their attack and ninjutsu increased by 20%. Moreover, whenever an akatsuki unit does damage, they will heal themselves by 15% of the damage they caused. If your team is at 80 chakra this skill's attack and ninjutsu will be increased by 30%. As well as the healing will be increased by 20%.

Passive 2: (Nin)

For Sasuke: At the beginning of every round, increases teams chakra by 10, and for every aktasuki in your lineup, this skill will increase the amount of chakra given each round by 10. For every Sasuke in the field on both sides, Sakura's defense and resistance will be increased by 10%. If your team is at 80 chakra, then this skill will increase her defense and resistance by 20%.

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Name:Jboo GamingTV



Storie:After Shizuka fought Naruto,she came to realizasion that love is something u choose not forced so she keep on training and searching to find the right man.After 3 Weeks of training,she found someone she interest with, that man name is Bardock.Bardock like her too,they starting to get along.

1 weeks after she met Bardock she plan to meet him at 12 oclock in the famous Restaurant.When she got there she see Bardock fighting a lot of people with a weird Cloak,

Shizuka:"Bardock what happen here?"

Bardock:"Shizuka!?Run...GET OUT OF HERE"

Shizuka:"Who Are They?"

Bardock:"They are Akatsuki,They plan to kidnapped me to get information about the saiyan village."


Kisame:"Fool...Water Style Water Prison Jutsu.And For the finishing * WATER STYLE WATER DRAGON JUTSU!!!"


Bardock protect Shizuka from the finishing *,making Bardock uncounsious Bardock then got taken by Kisame and his Ally,Kisame didnt kill Shizuka he spare her life

2 days later Shizuka Woke up in a hospital after 3 days in hospital she get back to full strengh and she got immensly stronger

She then leave the hospital and join Akatsuki to rescue BardockYYYYEEEAAAHHHH(I USE PAINT,WHAT DIDU ESPECT?)

Kisame ally get killed in a mission so the only person that know Shizuka is only Kisame,Kisame doesnt clearly remember Shizuka since to him shizuka is nothing than a fly,so Shizuka join akatsuki.In the Underground prison she spot Bardock


Bardock:Shizuka!!! u join akatsuki?i though u r a good person

Shizuka:Calm Down,i join akatsuki to rescue u,now lets get out of here

Bardock:ok,i trust u

Then Shizuka destroy the cell alerting the remaining akatsuki that not in mission

Shizuka and Bardock ran through the prison then in the exit she meet some akatsuki member but most of em is a newbie and so weak she use her vacuum dance to finish em off,then Kisame get out of there and attack Shizuka,Their fight last 3 hour while kisame get worn out,Shizuka got a bit of saiyan dna so she got stronger every time she get attcked,when shizuka want to land the finishing *,kisame dissapear,Kisame know if he stay he will die

Sorry i need to go swimming ill continue later so sorry

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  • Bardock The War On 2021-03-05 16:36:09
  • Name:Jboo GamingTV



    Storie:After Shizuka fought Naruto,she came to realizasion that love is something u choose not forced so she keep on training and searching to find the right man.After 3 Weeks of training,she found someone she interest with, that man name is Bardock.Bardock like her too,they starting to get along.

    1 weeks after she met Bardock she plan to meet him at 12 oclock in the famous Restaurant.When she got there she see Bardock fighting a lot of people with a weird Cloak,

    Shizuka:"Bardock what happen here?"

    Bardock:"Shizuka!?Run...GET OUT OF HERE"

    Shizuka:"Who Are They?"

    Bardock:"They are Akatsuki,They plan to kidnapped me to get information about the saiyan village."


    Kisame:"Fool...Water Style Water Prison Jutsu.And For the finishing * WATER STYLE WATER DRAGON JUTSU!!!"


    Bardock protect Shizuka from the finishing *,making Bardock uncounsious Bardock then got taken by Kisame and his Ally,Kisame didnt kill Shizuka he spare her life

    2 days later Shizuka Woke up in a hospital after 3 days in hospital she get back to full strengh and she got immensly stronger

    She then leave the hospital and join Akatsuki to rescue BardockYYYYEEEAAAHHHH(I USE PAINT,WHAT DIDU ESPECT?)

    Kisame ally get killed in a mission so the only person that know Shizuka is only Kisame,Kisame doesnt clearly remember Shizuka since to him shizuka is nothing than a fly,so Shizuka join akatsuki.In the Underground prison she spot Bardock


    Bardock:Shizuka!!! u join akatsuki?i though u r a good person

    Shizuka:Calm Down,i join akatsuki to rescue u,now lets get out of here

    Bardock:ok,i trust u

    Then Shizuka destroy the cell alerting the remaining akatsuki that not in mission

    Shizuka and Bardock ran through the prison then in the exit she meet some akatsuki member but most of em is a newbie and so weak she use her vacuum dance to finish em off,then Kisame get out of there and attack Shizuka,Their fight last 3 hour while kisame get worn out,Shizuka got a bit of saiyan dna so she got stronger every time she get attcked,when shizuka want to land the finishing *,kisame dissapear,Kisame know if he stay he will die

    Sorry i need to go swimming ill continue later so sorry

After the Battle Bardock confess to Shizuka and shizuka humbly accpet it end of the storie

Skill:Mystery [Tai][Nin][Wind]:Akatsuki Style Vacuum Dance Third Step:Attack up to 27 enemy removing all immunity to interruption,cause interuption,The selected unit suffer Knockdown,Irremovable Ignition,Irremovable immobile,,and Enfeeble that last for 2 turn

Battle CD:2 CD:4 Chakra Cost: 40

Basic Attack [tai][nin][wind]:Akatsuki style Gale Fist:Attack a line with the lowest health high chance to cause repulse, immobile,enfeeble

Chase [tai][wind]:Akatsuki style soaring kick:Chase and attack a repulse unit cause knockdown this skill ignore 30%enemy def and res

Passive1 tai nin:Cruel Fierce Hurricane:Have a 20%chance to evade anything beside mystery cause damage equal to 5%Shizuka remaining health and increase the enemy cd by 1(this skill can trigger up to 5x)

Passive 2(nin):Akatsuki Princess with saiyan blood :Increase damage to male ninja by 40%,increase damage by 40%to non akatsuki tagged unit(stackable with anything including this skill And each time this unit get attack increase taijutsu and defense by 6% and decrease cooldown by 1

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Scarlet Blaze [AKATSUKI]

Scarlet Blaze left the konoha village to join the group Akatsuki.In order to fight and execute Uchiha Clan which is his dream, joining Akatsuki is his first step to achieve his dream. The Uchiha Clan Killed Scarlet's parents for possessing the Sharingan and plenty of the Uchiha abilities ( Fire Release, Genjutsu ). Scarlet abandon his friends Azure, Crimson, Breeze and Naruto to pursue his goal. But Scarlet's friends tend to rescue him and did all their best to erase the evil and vengeance running through his soul. Until the day came, the appearance of Scarlet Blaze in Akatsuki Cloak. Naruto and the rest convince him to come back, but it wasn't goes well, Scarlet vs his friends. The battle Lasts a day, everyone was wounded and Scarlet is unconscious, he sees his friends in dream, their true intention and finally realized vengeance is not the key vengeance is not the answer.

Time has pass, Scarlet quit akatsuki and came back to the Village because he realize and found a "FAMILY" in his FRIENDS.

SERVER: S161 :Kyushoku Deer
IGN: Kawaii
UID: 200000086194378

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Server ID: S343 - Blade Dance (HK)

In-game name: Blitz

UID: 200000098175914

Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja

Behind the reason of the ninja: In a alternate universe, after encountering and fighting with his dear friend Sasuke several times, Naruto realizes that he could not defeat Sasuke and bring him back to Konoha. Even with all his effort and training with Jiraiya, Kakashi, Yamato, Asuma, and many others, he was always behind Sasuke. Time has passed and Naruto has ran out of options to become stronger....all but one option join the Akatsuki!

Naruto Uzumaki [Akatsuki]


(Credit: yaisir_drawz on ARTstreet)

Element: Wind

Tags: Male, Konoha, Jinchuriki, Uzumaki Clan, Senjutsu, Akatsuki

*Recruitable at 3 Stars*

Mystery [Prompt]: Scorch Release - Catastrophic Infernal Typhoon Rasen-Bomb (TAI/NIN - Fire and Wind Elemental Damage):

Deals unavoidable damage to a selected unit causing guaranteed Irremovable Immobile , Irremovable Ignition which neglects immunity for 2 rounds, and Knockdown. Additionally deals 90% splash damage and Ignition to units 3 grids away from the selected unit. (Chakra Cost cannot be reduced).

Battlefield Cooldown: 1

Cooldown: 9

Chakra Cost: 100

Standard: Scorch Release - Blazing Rasen Shuriken (TAI/NIN - Fire and Wind Elemental Damage):

Attacks a random line of units causing guaranteed Repulse, Irremovable Ignition which neglects immunity for 1 round, and Suppress Super Armor until the end of the round and reduces own Mystery cooldown by 2. This unit gains an additional standard for every Naruto [Akatsuki] Clone on your field.

Chase: Raijin Rasen Barrage (TAI/NIN):

Triggered with atleast 15 Combos, Increases Naruto's TAI and NIN by 15% (stackable),and Summon 5 Naruto [Akatsuki] Clones and deal damage causing Irremovable Tag which neglects immunity that lasts for 1 round to all units hit in the opponent's field.

*Naruto [Akatsuki] Clones have 90% of the original's base stat, has Jinchuriki's Cloak, and can perform a Taijutsu attack on the lowest hp unit in the field as their Standard attack*

Passive 1: Jinchuriki's Cloak (NIN):

This unit is immune to debuffs. Units who perform any attack on this unit will suffer from Irremovable Ignition which neglects immunity for 1 round. Furthermore, this unit heals 3% HP for every hit taken,10% HP at the start of every round, and 5% HP every time your lineup gains chakra.

Passive 2: Nine Tails' Chakra (NIN):

At the start of every round, if this unit is alive, your lineup will have 100 chakra and cannot be stolen or decreased. When this unit is defeated, revive with 20% HP in the next round.

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Kakashi [Akatsuki]

While his beloved student sasuke joins the akatsuki, the room asks to join the akatsuki and sets out to save sasuke by seeking the opportunity to bring sasuke back to konoha, but he can no longer do so. akatsukin's curse took it

and the room is now part of the akatsuki member.

and finally Kakashi reached the pinnacle of his power.

Everything was for his beloved student but he couldn't do it

UID: 300030109092875

Server ID: S1444 IGN : Power of Six Paths

In-game name: キラKira

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Region and Server: Europe / S1049 - Rotation of Heaven and Earth
In-game Name: BattleCrier
UID: 200000087523216

Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja

Story: After Hayate's death, Yugao started to fall into depressions. She left village to find and kill Hayate´s murderer. As a rogue ninja, she became famous in the underground and Akatsuki noticed her abilities. Soon they contacted her with offer to join them. At first, she wanted to refuse the offer, but there was a possibility to get information on Hayate´s killer. That moment was beginning of her journey as Akatsuki newest member.


Attributes: Female, Konoha, Akatsuki, Anbu, Swordbearer

Mystery: Dark Moon Night [prompt]
Causes huge undodgeable damage to the target, interruption and knockdown. Locking target’s mystery at 2 rounds cooldown until the next round. Also deals 80% splash damage to the enemies 2 cells away.
Chakra cost: 40, Battle Cooldown: 1, Cooldown: 3

Standard: Shadow Clone Dance
Causes damage to 2-4 targets from the same lineup, has high chance to cause repulse and 5 combo.

Chase: Crescent Moon Strike
Chases knocked down unit, causes repulse and irremovable blind.

Passive 1: Substitution jutsu
Yugao has high chance of dodging first attack of the round and has 50% chance to dodge chases.

Passive 2: Assassination tactics
At the beginning of each round, Yugao becomes immune to debuffs and lowers enemy team’s defense and resistence by 8% (Stackable).

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Region and ServerID: HK S328 -:Laser Circus

In-Game Name: Tedi〤(泰迪)

UID: 200000097405077

Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja

Behind the reason of the ninja:

Scarlet Blaze has decided to join the Akatsuki, to convince Midnight blade to comeback to Konoha and reconcile with Naruto over the "Ramen" dispute in Ichicharu Ramen Store. Also, Teuchi handed Complimentary Ramen Tickets to Scarlet Blaze to give those to Midnight Blade for him to help on his mission convincing Midnight Blade coming back to Konoha and dine again in his store.



Element: Fire

Attribute: Male, Konoha, Secret Jutsu User,Blood Limit, Akatsuki.

Requirement: Scarlet Reach 5 Star and Achieve Earth Training Progress 8/8(Earth Elements Intel).

Mystery 1 [Prompt]:

Akatsuki's Rock Explosion Barrage - Multiple (NIN):

Cause Unavoidable Fire and Earth Damage, Ignition up to 9 units of the Opposing Camp, a selected unit will suffer from High Float and Suppress Immunity until the end of the round. If the selected unit is a non-Konoha ninja, this skill will cause Irremovable Ignition which neglects Immunity for up to 2 rounds. When there's Oboro Clone in the team, this cooldown is reduced by 1.

Battlefield cooldown: 1

Cooldown: 2

Chakra: 40

Standard: (Nin)

Akatsuki's Fire Dance - Curse in the Dream:

Attacks up to 4 units of the opposing team and high chances of applying Sleep and Ignition.

Chase: (Nin)

Akatsuki's Phoenix Fire Breath - Chase:

Triggered at least 10 combo, causes Fire Attribute Damage and Ignition up to 4 Opponents Units, if that unit already suffering from Ignition, it will automatically put into Sleep. For every unit who is successfully suffering from Sleep, it gives 10% Ninjutsu Increase (stackable) to Scarlet Blaze.

Passive 1: (Nin)

Know my Pain -Akatsuki's Mirror Dance Technique:

Every round, the first Debuff caused to 1 unit of your Line up will be transferred to 1 Unit of the Opponents Team. Random Unit of your Lineup will also Receive Immunity to Debuffs for 1 Round.

Passive 2: (Nin)

I Miss You: Akatsuki's Oboro Clone Performing Death Mirage.

For every beginning of the Round, summon 1 Oboro Clone with Life based 50% Hit Points. Oboro Clone will perform Standard Attack and Decrease 3 Random Enemy Units Ninjutsu by 15% and Critical Hit by 25%. It will also give Extra Standard Attack to 2 Random Units of your Lineup. When Oboro Clone is Defeated, it will Automatically Detonate to a Random Enemy Unit applying Irremovable Ignition.

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Create Your Own ‘’Welcome Home’’ Story

After successful chunin exam, Midnight Blade got offer to join ranks of Konoha’s Root division led by lord Danzo. As he was dealing with uneasy missions, Midnight Blade started to fall deeper and deeper in shadows. Day after day, Midnight Blade doubt his choice of joining Root. Mentality and way of doing things of that organization changed the way Midnight Blade looked at village. One day, Midnight Blade set his goal. “I will change the village and be Hokage” he said to himself. But how? Simply becoming Hokage won’t change anything. Decision was made, both roots and branches must be trimmed. Coup d'etat must be done. However, such thing cannot be done by one man and he doesn’t want his friends to participate in it. He needs powerful allies and funds. As he thought about it, Akatsuki came to his mind. At that night he left village to join Akatsuki. Finding Akatsuki wasn’t easy, but he managed to do it. At first, Akatsuki members didn’t want to even talk with him, but he was persistent. Itachi, as a former Konoha ninja, spoke with Midnight Blade, hearing out his story and plan. He knew what Danzo and Root is, and how Konoha works in shadows. Midnight Blade got his permission to join the Akatsuki later that day.

Midnight Blade got his partner. Some freak from Kusagakure named Tetsuji. Their mission was to capture 9 tails Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto was on a mission with Scarlet Blaze, Breeze Dancer, Crimson Fist and Azure fang. Midnight Blade knew that attacking Naruto in Village is madness, so he and Tetsuji decided to strike Naruto during his mission. It was time, Akatsuki duo appears before Naruto and others.

Breeze Dancer immediately recognized Midnight Blade, asking what he was doing there. Midnight Blade tell her his plan of coup d’etat and that they need Naruto. His friends got into formation, ready to fight, but Azure Fang tried to convince Midnight Blade to forget about it. As she got out of formation, Tetsuji dashes towards her, trying to kill her. Crimson Fist blocked that attack, pushing Azure Fang aside, while Scarlet Blaze yelled at Midnight Blade “Is this what you want?!”. Midnight blade remained silent for a second. When Tetsuji asked Midnight Blade if he mind joining the fight, Midnight Blade nodded. His friends were in shock. But instead of attacking them, he swiftly killed Tetsuji.

Everyone frozen and remained silent, when Midnight Blade started to cry and apologize for what he has done. His friends hugged him and said him to come home with them. “Forget about that plan, fool”, “What were you thinking, mate?”, “Don’t do this ever again, ok?”, only Naruto didn’t really trust him.

As they returned to Konoha, Midnight Blade was called to Hokage office for explanation and trial. For his punishment, Hokage decided to strip him from his Root duties and dealing with tons of paperwork Tsunade didn’t want to do herself. But he was home, his friends were welcoming him back and everything started to be bright again for Midnight Blade and his friends, for now…

Meanwhile, Akatsuki found out what happened to Tetsuji and Midnight Blade, failure of their mission and betrayal. Second Akatsuki duo, Itachi and Kisame, was send after Naruto to Konoha.

Region and Server: Europe / S1049 - Rotation of Heaven and Earth
In-game Name: BattleCrier
UID: 200000087523216

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Create Your Own Akatsuki Ninja

Jūzō Biwa [Akatsuki Era]

Jūzō Biwa [Akatsuki Era]

Element: Water

Recruitable: 3 stars

Tags: Male, Hidden Mist, Akatsuki, Sword-User

Mystery: /NIN/ Water Style - Hidden Mist Jutsu [Prompt]: Launches an unbreakable Barrier (only Wind Style Barriers can remove it) for 3 rounds. While this barrier is in effect, non-water attributes units cannot gain Shields and Life recovery.

Cooldown Time: 3 rounds

Battlefield Cooldown: 0 round

Chakra Usage: 20

Standard: /TAI/ Sharp Blade - Kubikiribōchō: Attack the enemy with the least Life and decrease their Resistance by 10% (can be stacked), and a chance of 3 Combo and Low Float.

Chase: /NIN/ Water Style - Water Dragon Jutsu: Chases and Attacks a Low Floated unit, causes Repulse and can be triggered up to 2 times each round.

Passive: /NIN/ Strategy Moves: This unit attacks 2 times each round, and if one of these attacks kills an enemy, an additional attack is gained. Also, whenever a unit is defeated, Juzo increases Attack and Ninjutsu by 8% (stackable 8 times each battle), for himself and 6 other Hidden Mist and Akatsuki units on the field.

Passive: /TAI, NIN/ Water Style - Water Clone Jutsu: At the beginning of each round, summons 2 Water Clones based on 30% of the main body's attributes. Those Water Clones are capable of using Taijutsu attacks as their Standard Attack and this attack has high chances of causing Low Float. These clones cannot be destroyed, but if the clone is on 1 HP at the end of the round, his standard attack will be replaced with a self-destructive explosion on the last opponent unit which hit it, removing Immunity and causing Immobile for one round.

Jūzō's photo - credits to Enni Design (color and shadow correction by me)


Server: S109 Mangetsu

Name: Cookie

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(I made the art for rin :) )
Rin Nohara [Infinite Tsukuyomi]
Mystery- [Capable Shinobi] Causes unmissable damage to 4 units, lowering their defense by 15%, and causing irremovable ignition. This skill costs 10 more
chakra after every use. BCD-2 CD-1 Cost-0

Standard- [Healing Suppression] Heals up to 12 units in your field, while clearing two layers of debuffs.

Passive 1- [Obito's Infinite Tsukuyomi] While Rin is in the field, Konoha ninjas can launch an extra standard attack each even round. When this effect is activated, Konoha units will have their defense lowered by 35%. This skill will activate even if Rin has been defeated.

Passive 2- [Red Mist] Akatsuki Units in your field cannot miss chase attacks. When Akatsuki units cause chase damage, they heal 50% of chase damage caused.
Chase- [Blood Pool] Triggered with 15 combo, causes 5 combo and fear to 3 opponent units. Units hit by this will have their defense decreased by 10%.(Stackable up to 8)
Server- LA 4, Kakashi
IGM- ShadowStar

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Create Your Own ‘’Welcome Home’’ Story

Background Story:

Naruto, Scarlet Blaze, Breeze Dancer, Azure Fang, Crimson Fist, and Midnight Blade were all attending the Ninja Academy in the hopes to become a fully fledged shinobi in Konoha.

Scarlet is an extrovert, so naturally he was always the energetic one in the class, talking to everyone and showing off his tricks. Scarlet had a knack for trickery and an affinity with fire. He trained in the art of Genjutsu and Fire Style.

Breeze was the "popular" kid in class as she was raised in a wealthy and prestigious family. She was often adored by her peers for her stunning beauty as well as having the best shinobi gears that were available, a steel fan that was hand-crafted by the best weaponsmith in town as one of her favorite. Breeze trained in Wind Style which goes hand-in-hand with her steel fan.

Azure on the other hand was very shy. She had no desire to harm another human being. Due to her having a kind-hearted soul, she always failed in the academy's sparring sessions or often straight out refused to participate. However, despite these facts, she is very smart as she spends her time studying instead of training. Azure studied medical ninjutsu, poison mastery, and Water Style.

Meanwhile, unlike his peers, Crimson did not have as much chakra as the other kids. He was constantly reminded everyday of what he lacks, often being bullied verbally, physically or at times, both. One day, he saw his father, a construction worker who could use Earth Style and his mother a simple gardener who could barely use Water Style were being beaten by a couple of ninja thugs who were in the neighborhood looking for easy money. Crimson tried his best to defend and protect his parents but alas, he had little chakra and his body wasn't strong enough. He, along with his parents were badly injured and were later brought to the hospital by a civilian passingby. After recovering from the injuries, he swore that he would protect those dear to him and began to physically train his entire body to its very limits. Crimson strived to be an expert Taijutsu Martial Artist and uses Earth Style to further enhance his abilities. He c*so use Wood Style due to his blood line.

Midnight is often quiet and keeps to himself. He comes off as being cold to the people around him. This is because of his tragic childhood. He was raised well by his parents to be a strong shinobi to protect the village. He was also heavily trained in kenjutsu by both his father and mother. His father being nicknamed "Lightning Blade" due to the power of his overwhelming lightning style and his sheer speed that he himself appears to have become a blade made of pure lightning when dashing through the battlefield, cutting through foes whilst paralyzing those he came near to. His mother was a feared assassin from the ANBU Corps. She had been given the nickname "Midnight Assassin" for her countless assassination missions that occur in the midnight. On one fateful day, both his parents were sent on a top secret mission assigned to them by the Hokage, only to find out it later that it was a trap. They were both being targeted. The motive for the assassination was unknown as the village had not yet been in good terms with the other villages and both the victims were in the Bingo Book as high value targets, 50m Ryō for "Lightning Blade" and 30m Ryō for "Midnight Assassin". The identity of the assassin/s were also unknown, the only clue the ANBU Search Team could find was a piece of black cloth with a red cloud insignia in the hands of both Midnight's parents when their bodies were retrieved. However, this information was to be strictly kept off and held from the public so it would not cause the village to panic. After the tragic incident, Midnight was left an orphan. He has since then sought out for the identity and whereabouts of the assassin/s. Midnight acquired his father's affinity with Lightning Style and uses a sword to execute his skills.

And Naruto is...well.....he's Naruto!


Time has passed since the academy, everyone had graduated and became a Genin and set off on missions with their own team. The Chunin Exams were announced and everyone was excited to participate. After the brutal trials and exams had been overcome, everyone who persevered through until the end were deemed worthy of the title and had been promoted to Chunin (except Naruto ). To celebrate their promotion, Breeze gave everyone a gift. Scarlet received a specialized kunai that has a self-generating explosive tag whenever thrown. Azure got a prized medical knife used for delicate surgery. Crimson was given a high-end durable gauntlet with reinforced steel-fiber plating. Midnight was gifted a personalized sword bearing his father's design style on the upper end of the grip. Breeze felt bad for Naruto not being promoted so she gave Naruto a life-time free Ichiraku Ramen Pass. Shortly after being promoted, Midnight took the Jonin Exam, passed it, and was quickly recruited to be an ANBU Black Ops. While in the ANBU, Midnight was secretly gathering as much information as he can about his parents' assassination. He knew the ANBU had information since both his parents were from the ANBU, so he kept digging until he found the answer......... for years, the ANBU had not stopped tracking for whoever assassinated two of their highly renowned and skilled shinobi. They have gained intel on those who wore black clothing with a red cloud insignia. They have then been known to be called the "Akatsuki". Knowing the intel now of who were responsible, Midnight had a new question to solve...."Where?" Luckily for Midnight, as he was pondering this, two members of the Akatsuki struck Konoha in search for the 9 Tails inside Naruto. After failing to retrieve the Jinchuriki due to several high-class Jonin and one Legendary Sannin interfered, they were forced to retreat. Midnight, tried to follow them. All the Jonin present refused Midnight to follow them as it was far too dangerous. Midnight, knowing that this might be his only chance to trail them, decided to leave Konoha and use his speed to not only avoid being stopped by the Jonins but to catch up to the Akatsuki members as well. Once word has reached the Hokage of what has occurred, the Hokage immediately summoned all the high ranking Jonin and ANBU. The Hokage has ordered them to track down Midnight and eliminate him as he has now been branded as a Rogue ninja and carries valuable information about Konoha and its secrets that should not be leaked. One of the Legendary Sannin who protected Naruto from the Akatsuki overheard the order and told Naruto. Naruto couldn't believe what he heard. He couldn't stand idle while his friend was in trouble. Naruto gathered all of Midnight's friends; Breeze, Scarlet, Azure, and Crimson to appeal to the Hokage to call off the order but alas, the Hokage would not grant the request. Naruto then promised that he would make Midnight come back to Konoha no matter what! Breeze, Scarlet, Azure, and Crimson all nodded and agreed with Naruto. The Hokage, seeing Naruto, Breeze, Scarlet, Azure, and Crimson's determination in getting their dear friend back, allowed them to head off to convince Midnight to return. However, if they failed, the order would not be revoked. Meanwhile, Midnight caught up to the Akatsuki members and offered to be of service to them. One of the Akatsuki member asked Midnight what he could possibly offer that would be of value that would let him join them? Midnight then said he is a special member of the ANBU Black Ops of the Leaf, he can provide the Akatsuki with various intel about Konoha and what the village knows. The Akatsuki member then asked "How can we trust y-" but before the sentence was finished, Naruto, Breeze, Scarlet, Azure, and Crimson arrived. Midnight was shocked, how did you guys find me? he asked. Simple, Breeze replied. All the gifts I gave you leaves behind a small trace of the user's chakra, we just had to follow the "chakra-prints". "Excellent" says one Akatsuki member. Here's the deal Akatsuki wannabee, annihilate all 5 of them and we'll consider you joining us. *Midnight was in anguish*. "You're our friend, and nothing will change that!" Naruto shouted. Midnight under his breath whispered "I'm sorry...." *Lightning Style: Lightning Strike* less than a second, all 5 dropped to the floor unresponsive. "Impressive, you're definitely a fast one. Now time for me to finish these 5 off!" one Akatsuki member said while swung his wrapped sword. Midnight then quickly dashed over and blocked the swing but was easily overpowered and got tossed aside. "What's the big idea kid? You kill them and now you're protecting their bodies? You're a funny one" the Akatsuki member said. "'re the funny one, if you think you can break our bond!" Naruto said. Naruto, Breeze, Scarlet, Azure, and Crimson stood up ready to fight alongside their friend Midnight. "I see......a mere temporary paralysis jutsu, very clever" one of the Akatsuki members said. " that my plan is busted, I guess I have no other choice this one won't be just a paralysis jutsu.... *Lightning Style: Lightning Storm - Heaven's D-*" Midnight said as he was interrupted. "No need for a senseless fight, the other Akatsuki members are waiting for us, we shall meet again someday" one of the Akatsuki members said as he turned into crows and the other one wielding a wrapped sword turned into water and disappeared. "Phew, that was intense!" said Scarlet, overjoyed that it was over. "That was really scary! Anybody hurt?" Azure said worriedly. "That jutsu of yours really stings Midnight." Crimson grunted with an annoyed face. "What in the world were you thinking!?!? I wish you'd tell us what you were doing! You know we'd be there to help you out. We were really worried about you, you big dummy!!" Breeze yelled while crying. "I...............I'm .............really sorry........" Midnight said while shedding a tear. *Naruto punches Midnight* . "And that's for all the trouble you made us go through! Bakaaaa! Bakaaaa!" Naruto screamed. Midnight smiled and so did everyone, "Now let's go back home...."

In-Game Name: Blitz

Region: HK

Server: S343 - Blade Dance

UID: 200000098175914

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Create Your Own ‘’Welcome Home’’ Story


The story happened when everyone in the Village was celebrating a "Ramen Day".

When Naruto and Midnight Blade came from a long and tiring different Mission they headed directly to Ichiraku Ramen Store to have a Ramen treat from a stressful mission. Midnight Blade came to a store first and ordered 1 bowl of Ramen and Teuchi take his order and said it was the last Ramen of the Day. But when Naruto came he also ordered 1 bowl of Ramen and handed out a Complimentary VIP Ramen Ticket-takes a first priority customer . Since it was the last Ramen of the day, Teuchi talked to Midnight Blade and explained to him the purpose of Complimentary Ticket for VIP, in short, Midnight Blade cannot have his order instead it will be given to Naruto.

Out of desperation, Midnight Blade was furious and performed Acupuncture Punch to Naruto without explaining the Reasons, and hurriedly escape from the store. On the other hand, Naruto was instantly collapsed at the ground, not moving and bleeding all over his face. Teuchi rushly call for help, and brought Naruto to the Hospital.

Meanwhile on that night, Midnight Blade was escaping from the Konoha Village, guilty of what he has done to Naruto. He was heading towards the Akatsuki camp and stumbled Itachi while on his way. Itachi halted him and perform Genjutsu, he was now under the control of Itachi and interrogate him for his motives. During the interrogation, Midnight Blade cried for what he did to Naruto, and express his intention to join the Akatsuki, for he will be targetted by the Konoha ninjas for his crime. After Itachi extracted all the information from him, he accompanied him to Obito and convinced him to let Midnight Blade joined the Akatsuki. But Obito refused and instead make him as a Probationary member, he can become a fully Akatsuki member if he passed one trial-"stealing Teuchi recipe on Secret Ramen". Since Midnight Blade has no choice and agreed instead.

To fulfill the agreement with the Akatsuki, he planned to sneaked in the Village and search whatever information he can stole from the Ichiraku Ramen Store. On that night of his plan, he watchfully observed the Village waiting for the right time to completely sneaked-in. The wind was so cold at that time and you can only hear the whistles from the night insects. It was a signal for Midnight Blade to properly sneaked in the Village and directly went to to Ichiraku Ramen Store. He was now inside of the Store using the kitchen door as his entrance. He quitely searched all the cabinets, the vault and even the kitchen, when he was at the Teuchi station, he discovered a parchment paper written some recipe of the Ramen. He grabbed it and put it in his backpack and made his final exit. When he was approaching the exit door, he was completely sorrounded by his former allies, Crimson Fist, Scarlet Blaze, Breeze Dancer and Azure Fang. Without hesitation, Midnight Blade perform his Lightning Slash to them and continually create lightning bolts to sorrounding enemies. All of them dodge the attacks and step backed from Midnight Blade. Breeze Dancer make a haste and shouted at him, "Stop doing this Midnight Blade, you are still our friends and our comrade forever." "Yes, you are still our friends despite of what was happening between you and Naruto" Azure Fang explained. But he not listening and perform another Lightning Attack, this time Scarlet Breeze hurriedly uses Prison Jutsu to restrained him from making another move and said "Stop it Brother, we cannot let you out of yourelf. When Midnight Blade was temporarily restrained by Scarlet Blaze prison, Crimson Fist approach him and said "Brother please come to your senses, this is not right, please come back to us. You are still our brother. But Midnight Blade replied "No, I can't, I killed Naruto and Hokage will hunt and kill me as my punishment." While saying those words, tears came out of his eyes".

Without noticing, soft voice came from a dark spot and said "Who will gonna kill you?" A man in a shadow completely revealed by the light of the moon. When Midnight Blade saw him, he was completely shocked and at the same time afraid thinking what will be gonna do to him. It was Naruto. "We are all friends here, we may have misunderstanding and disputes but still we live as as a family, We cannot do * things on you. I already forgive you for what you have done, because the one that you had punched was my clone. I let my clone come over first, because I need to go to my house for bathroom break, I'm having a bad stomach and find release at my place before coming over." . Midnight Blade was surprised asking "But why he wasn't disappeared after knocking him down?". Naruto replied, "Because he was a solid made clone from Kurama's chakra". "Really?"Midnight blade replied with hesitation. "Yes, that's true, so I forgive you already even if that's me." Naruto smiled with forgiving eyes.

Midnight Blade kneel down to Naruto and asked for forgiveness but Naruto hurriedly standing him up. "I am so sorry Naruto for what I have done, and this parchment is my first Mission from Akatsuki to steal the recipe from Teuchi, and I know this isn't right". Midnight burst into tears while continually asking for forgiveness.

Later at the moment Teuchi came to the shop and puzzled what had happened, he was contacted by the Anbu to come for emergency in the shop. Teuchi recognized Midnight Blade and said "It's you that night?..." But Teuchi asked for forgiveness too because it was his mistake to cause some misunderdtanding between his customers. After hearing from Teuchi, Midnight Blade open his bag and handed back the stolen Parchment Recipe to Teuchi and asked forgiveness again. "Ohh so you stole this? But sadly that's not the right recipe, this is just an expiremental recipe made by my daughter., Heheheh" He get the parchment and smiled. "So Akatsuki is interested of my Ramen's recipe" he added. "Yeah, Obito wanted the taste of your creation". Midnight Blade replied. "So let him come and have peace with Konoha" Teuchi answered back.

"Yeah,he should come to" Naruto added. "Since we all have clear the issues now between us Midnight Blade, I think this is the right time for you to come back with us and forget Akatsuki anymore". Naruto to Midnight Blade.

"Brothers again? " Crimson asked. "Yes?" Scarlet Blaze asked excitedly.

"Yes!" Midnight Blade replied. While everyone hearing his response, they hurriedly come to Midnight Blade and hug him. "Welcome Back" Azure Fang said.

"Since we have settled this dispute, I will give you all the known Complimentary VIP Ramen ticket and come to my shop tonight for an exclusive "Eat All You Can Ramen" for all of you only but make sure No more clones" Teuchi announced happily.

"Yohoo, Itadikemashu ramen tonight" shouted by everyone.

And they will eat soon happy together.


Region and ServerID: HK S328 -:Laser Circus

In-Game Name: Tedi〤(泰迪)

UID: 200000097405077

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Server ID : 1553

In-game name : Ayasaki

UID : 380979878479974

Create Your Own 'Welcome Home' Story

In the rain of the falling cherry blossoms, they had made a vow ; a promise of forever between five youths who didn't yet understand the gravity of eternity.

" Together forever. ''

They repeated after each other, confident that nothing was to pull them apart. Nothing that could break their friendship, the friendship that had been carefully cultivated.Growing up together in Konoha for Scarlet, Midnight, Breeze, Azure and Crimson meant a lot. It meant customs, it was suffocated with tradition and etiquette, it was filled to the brim with a duty, a responsibility, a constant performance. Everything that they didn’t mind having to study up on if they could make the journey together with one another. Someone who they could confide in, complain with, and someone you could occasionally anger with a joke or two. Their quirks tied them together.

Those days of their youth had seemed so endless. Growing up together, bickering, making up, competing, helping each other, and ultimately befriend. With the promise of ‘forever’ etched in their mind, they loved each other. Expectations were set, assumptions were made, it was easy to get lost in their own feelings after all the time spent together. No one will betray one another.

" Don't go rogue, Mid ! ", Scarlet joked during one of their hangouts. The others laughed in their own unique ways as they looked at the said boy. The atmosphere was light and comforting. The albino, known for his stoic attitude, huffed in response ; the playful smirk hidden away as he ate in silence.

Alas, things changed in a heartbeat.

It happened so fast, one moment he was accepted into the ANBU and the other moment, he snapped at Azure for being incompetent. Ever since Midnight got accepted into the ANBU Black Ops, everything went downhill. His stoic demeanor turns cold and he found himself staring at scowls of his friends. Sour memories were created. Everyone had thought that it might just be the overload stress from his missions so they paid no mind and let Midnight cope. But the albino struggled to express his emotions as the secrecy of ANBU took its place in his lone shoulders.

Keep your emotions at bay, they say. Show no mercy, they say. Don't tell anyone anything, they say. Just follow the orders, they say. It was for the greater good, they say. Don't ask anything, they say.

What does this mean for his identity then ?

He is merely a tool for his village. Used without a care in the world, being uncertain whether he will come back alive or not in the upcoming missions and abandoning his teammates in a mission just for the sake of keeping village's secrets. The matter of life and death were at his hands despite being a fresh teenager out of the academy. The feudal lords never care. They never do, as long as the filthy money came in. As long as the corruption continues silently. As long as they get to spend those disgusting money on anything worthless. There was no rest and no break for the Konoha ANBU members.

Midnight grew wary of his motives in life.

What is the purpose of serving a corrupted country ? There's thousands of deaths reported everyday as he slaved away for the sake of indecisive feudal lords that can't even fight for their life. The Fire Daimyō has a fickle and indecisive nature and is easily swayed in his decisions through biases as well as external influences. When situations call for fast, important decisions, he makes his advisers do the whole work ; the one who convinces him most is the "winner". Fire feudal lord was a spineless old man with no obligation to make. His indecisive way disgusts Midnight as he thought of how easy the elder man to be manipulated in the wrong hands. Thousands of children died here and there but were reported as casualties despite the true horror hidden behind the slaughter. Bribery drive a country to be alive, Midnight concluded.

It consumed him slowly and harshly ; like seasons that passed only to leave aggressive changes when the other comes.

Akatsuki was the best choice.

" Where do you think you are going ? ", Scarlet chimed in with a playful tone, but the closest ones knew he was serious uttering the question. The moonlight reflects on his bright, red eyes menacingly as he observed Midnight. Midnight stared down at him from the top of Konoha's many building, his posture tall and offensive. His stare was unwelcoming.

" Why are you still awake ? ", Scarlet questioned again but they were never answered. Time passed yet for the both of them, it seems like it never do. Frozen moment as they wait for each other's move. Midnight held his sword tightly to his side. His gaze was as hard as steel.

" Oi, don't tell me you are actually going rogue ", Scarlet's voice was as hot as summer, the playful tone long gone as he realized the hidden motive behind his friend. Sweats glistened at his forehead while his posture seemingly laid back. The dark-haired man gripped his trustworthy kunai.

Midnight's gaze went bitterly cold. With one swift movement of his sword, Scarlet was on the ground, groaning in pain.

" It's better this way ", Midnight finally spoke. But his voice was sharp as it stabbed into Scarlet's heart like an icicle. The stab was deeper than Midnight's sword as it froze in Scarlet's core. The pain was throbbing. But nothing is more important than his friend, Scarlet hissed. The very same friend that stabbed him with no remorse. The same friend that infused his lightning chakra inside the wound. The eyes' of the very same friend that gazed coldly into his warm brown eyes. The same friend that used to chuckle softly at his * jokes. Why ?

Midnight turned and disappeared into the night with the flutter of his clothing.

Scarlet's insides throbbed in overwhelming pain as he tried to keep his emotions at bay. He clutched the wound at his abdomen and wailed out. His voice strained in raw pain. It scratched his throat so harshly. His throat was so dry, it hurts. It hurts. But he continued. It was futile, to call Midnight back without any action. Scarlet can feel his energy dissipated quickly than he would like. The night's cold air hits him harshly. Hot, burning tears cascade down Scarlet's cheeks.

He wept on the cold concrete.

Growing up with Midnight Blade meant tradition, honouring culture, and maintaining the pride of the village. It meant fulfilling obligation, following the rites. It was duty over pleasure and heart. It required sacrifice in tongue and in heart, it was silently carrying the burdens and the responsibility of a legacy. To lit a fire in Konoha's new generation so it can be passed down. The Will of Fire that their senseis had taught them so many times.

Midnight Blade had thrown that all away. For the peace of the shinobi world, he had disregarded everything the five of them had grown up with. The very same peace they had fallen for, the peace he insisted on pursuing despite all opposition, even willingly giving up his title as a Konoha ninja. He now carried the burdens on his lone shoulders. The heavy weight of wanting peace in a corrupted country drove Midnight to what he is now. He sought for aggressive guidance in Akatsuki.

Midnight left to achieve peace.

And though the other fours couldn’t agree with his actions, they felt obligated to support their friend. The vow they had made, once long ago still firmly engraved within their mind. Their friendship withered away just like that.

Never mentioned, never remembered.


Scarlet Blaze can be described in the best way possible as summer. Scorching, fiery with passion for everything. He was never the one to give up so easily. What he lacks in strength, he makes it up for his wits. Sly words uttered to get anything his ways and it always work. No matter how repetitive his words are, they always have the strength to bend anyone. The warmth in his eyes as he made eye contact in his conversation had left a mark on everyone. His influence was never forgotten.

So when Midnight decided to puncture a hole in his abdomen and leave to become a rogue, he didn't deter away.

Instead, he flourished the pain in his strategy to bring back Midnight. With the ideas from Naruto, Breeze, Azure and Crimson, he formed a plan. Companionship was their strength and the male knew it like the back of his hand. Naruto was the most eager to save Midnight. His empathetic nature born from the trauma he had went through made him the most understanding of them all. He felt every emotions there is in the world when the world had turned its back on him. So, he wanted to help the world.

" I understand his frustration ", Naruto gave his signature smile, it glowed brightly.

Crimson was overwhelmed with emotions due to the surprising betrayal. But, he kept his overflowing, aggressive emotions at bay like he had practiced so many times in academy. The only thing left was determination to bring Midnight back. He held that feeling close. He is still a soft person on the inside, despite his bulky physical appearance. He leaned on Scarlet emotionally. Scarlet concluded that Crimson is spring ; nourishing fresh emotions and feels them rather deeply than any person should have.

" It will take time for the wound to heal, but I know if I don't take action now, Midnight will drown in his sorrows ! ", The taller man patted Scarlet's shoulder. His soft expression contrasted his usual passionate one. His eyes radiated compassionate as Scarlet looked closely.

Breeze at first, was fueled with anger. It hurts, seeing your friend betrayed you without any explanation and runs off. The cowardice Midnight showed left a disgusting feeling in her mouth. It took her the longest to persuade, Scarlet don't blame her ; intense care for someone will result in intense anger. She eventually came around as she realized there is no use in holding grudges. The warmth of care and nurture in her as she realized her mistake.

" He's still our friend, just lost ", she concluded, her hair swayed softly through the breeze.

Due to her emotionally soft nature, Azure was the easiest to forgive. She knew her friendship with Midnight was more important than the anguish drive to punch him through the walls. Okay, she may or may not punched a big cracked hole into the training ground when Scarlet had informed about Midnight's disappearance. She quickly apologized to the others frantically. But it's alright, it's a coping mechanism. Scarlet nodded as he sheepishly avoided the heavily damaged area.

" We can't let him stray any further ", she reasoned as she heals Scarlet's wound.

And so, the group went.


It took a month.

It was already hard to find Midnight's signature chakra as he hides them very well but with the help of Naruto and Breeze's clones, thing went surprisingly well as they scouted through the large forest. It was a tiring process. But the good news arrived. Midnight hasn't gone far off the grid yet as Scarlet brought Pakkun. His occurring cold chakra can be detected through the barks of trees around them. Though, it was very faint.

One of the clone had saw Midnight passed through the cliff near a very large tree.

Scarlet signed the rest of them in their planned formation and hopped on the branches quickly to where Midnight was last seen. Alas, the quintet saw the sight of the dark clothing Midnight always wore. He stood there, his back was at them. Hair fluttering in the summer's breeze. Upon landing, Breeze was the first to talk. Her snide was close to seep in her voice.

" Why ? ", she asked, her eyes gazed deeply into Midnight's back.

" Why do you care ? ", he coldly replied. He turned to them and there it was. All in his glory, looking very forlorn and lonesome as if he wasn't already before. His gaze still hard as steel and cold like icicles. It's so piercing, and so numbing. The atmosphere grew colder and sharper as silence ensued. Scarlet furrowed his eyebrows in anguish motion, his hands clenched tight into fists.

" Why do you seek after Akatsuki ? "

All of the attention went to the auburn-haired male. He didn't shift from his position. The attention didn't make him falter and he only stared harder at his rogue friend. The said friend shifted momentarily, as if he wasn't expecting anyone to know his motive. But alas, Scarlet was smarter than what he showed on daily basis. Midnight let out a huff and walked closer to the group.

Crimson immediately jumped to defend all of them but Midnight raised his sword. It flickered brightly as he infused his lightning nature in it. The sounds were all crackling upon each other. His eyes were dead set on each of them. No emotions running through his eyes. There was nothing at all. Azure was the first to make eye contact with him, and she whimpered. Bloodthirsty air filled her lungs as she breathed heavily. Her eyes darted back and forth in panic. The motion made her feel dizzy. As she thought of a way to escape, she hunched. There was filthy sweats all over her. She almost vomited but stopped when a gentle pair of arms hugged her tightly. Feminine voices filled her ears and she trembled quietly in Breeze's arms. Naruto went to comfort them.

" Our feudal lord is a spineless old man. He lets himself be manipulated by his advisors, despite not knowing each of them well enough and lack the brain to actually make a decision ", Midnight started, not caring about Azure's panic attack. Scarlet nodded, encouraging him to continue as Crimson went on defensive stand. Pakkun huddled in Azure's lap as he watched the commotion. " It was repulsive to see the feudal lords use the money we earned hard. The very same money that we fought to death for. The very same money that most of us don't actually have the luxury for. The money that caused so many degradation in our very own village ", Midnight murmured. The crackling sounds from his sword never falter.

" They only care for their politics and I'm sick of it ! ", he yelled. He leaved his gaze from Scarlet and Crimson as his attention shifted to the clear sky above them. The sky that had watched so many death. Deaths caused by greed.

" So, I wanted to achieve eternal peace like Akatsuki had spread without any corruption ", his eyes fall onto Naruto's in a piercing gaze. The auburn-haired male ran his fingers through his hair. He sighed deeply. " Akatsuki was also driven by greed ! ", Crimson shouted. His lukewarm eyes challenged Midnight's steely gaze. His eyebrow raised high as he glared at the tan male.

" They capture tailed-beasts to use them! Just like how Root used you! They are selfish by creating wars that killed so many innocent citizens. Why are you joining them, Midnight? Don't you realize what their motives are? ", Naruto reasoned loudly. The lightning user can only watch as his friends teamed with each other to persuade him.

" World peace can be achieved when there's mutual understanding between each other ", Scarlet chimed in. There was mellow in his eyes. Midnight shifted uncomfortably as guilt started to rise. Midnight lowered his sword, the crackling stopped as he looked at the ground.

The wintry atmosphere faded slowly. Comforting affability mixed in as Midnight shut his eyes. The guilt was eating him. There's better ways to settle this corruption. The burdens of having to hurt his friends in order to achieve peace settled in his guts. He shivered at the way he remembered how he treated his friends when he's at his worst. So cold, so numbing. He was the absolute worst. His eyes flickered over to each of his friends. His eyes fueled with shame.

" Hey, come home, yeah ? ", Scarlet grinned. Midnight nodded and let himself being hurled into a group hug. Intense sobbing that wets his clothing doesn't matter anymore. The harsh yet playful punches doesn't hurt. The aftermath doesn't matter to him anymore.

He was welcomed home.

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