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[ Group ] Returning Back to Konoha - Special Event


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A Strong Bonds for Motivation - Returning Back to Konoha

Event Period: From 4th of March to 17th of March

Hello everyone!

How's everyone in the group? Anyone around to join me with the current mission? Anyone around to help me gear up and prepare for the missions? Hello? Anyone? ..........

I wish my friends to come back and have a good team-up again together. The happy days, full of excitement and enjoyment. I will use this as my motivation to get them back on their feet! Ikuzo!

How to Join?
- Players who are interested to join in this event should take a screenshot of him together with his Groupmates who came back to join you in your future missions and adventures. Together with the screenshots, you must include a story about how you and your friends started as a group, your adventures and your message to encourage them to stay back in the game.

- The screenshot should be an original screenshot from the game. It can be edited and designed with different arts as long as it is not covering the whole image.

How to Submit?

- Post your group screenshot directly here in Forum without using any image hosting sites.

- Include your details also (Region and ServerID, In-Game Name, and UID [Can be found HERE])


- Three(3) winners will be chosen via voting process among the staff and will receive 2000 Coupons each.


- Please make sure that all of your details will be included in your post. No details included will be automatically ignored and removed from the selection.

- Please make sure that the images that you will use are valid and will not violate our Forum Rules and ToS.

- Be reminded that we will also monitor each and every entry that will be posted in this event to avoid anyone who will use stolen or copied arts.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#. Sample:


" Our group was a bunch of different groups, merged together when we got merged. We may differ in original groups but we started a strong bond with each other. Moving forward together to defeat opponents in our Wars and teaming-up with each other to defeat the Strong Approachings. .........................."

Region and ServerID: HK S7777 - Jiraiya

In-Game Name: Qv

UID: 100000777888999


Good Luck and Have Fun! ~
Naruto Online Operations Team

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its hard almost no one have contact with long gone friend

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Ekran Görüntüsü (33)

after a long time an old my friend is back

Our story is based on a solid friendship

we always protected each other and did most tasks together. It was actually what kept each other in the game , And the good events of the game were the other thing that kept us in the game as they gave some ninjas for free. I would like to thank the Naruto online team on this issue.

I wish to be with my old friend like in the old days...

UID: 300030109092875

Server ID: S1444 IGN : Power of Six Paths

In-game name: キラKira

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The Friendship Started when Server Merge Happened, it was on a Chaos Convoy/Plunder system! A system that everyone was put into danger of losing Coupons but we tried our best on comforting everyone on that day through diplomatic negotiations to other Strong Group and beginning accepting new members. Since then, we become good friends, a friendship that bound with one purpose, to help and protect each other no matter what happened. For many years, we stlcked together until real life priorities calls, although some of our group mates were not active as often,but we always tried to communicate them via "discord", a place where we exchanges our best regards.

I hope someday, we c@n alw@ys be together in the world of Naruto Online and bring back our old memories. You guys may be busy in the real world, but we are always hopeful for your best comeback! You are not just our friends and comrades but we are Family that worth keeping for!

Long Live Maple Tree Group Members!

Region and ServerID: HK S328 -:Laser Circus

In-Game Name: Tedi〤(泰迪)

UID: 200000097405077

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Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 10

We first met in our small group, we both love to participate together in any events that was given to us every single week. That was until our Hokage ordered my friend to leave the village for a long mission and look for ways to get stronger so they can come back and share their knowledge with our groupmates. It took a few years until my old friend finally came back home.

Ever since my old friend came back from a long time mission, we finally caught up on everything and make sure we have each other's backs no matter what. They are ready to teach us what they learned from their mission and be the strongest ninjas in our village! We look forward to support each other through bonds, arena, and GNW. No one can break our true friendship and it will stay that way. When people are protecting their close friends who is truly special to them, they truly can become as strong as they can be!~

Region and ServerID: LA S12 - Kiba

In-Game Name: JS3

UID: 200000084239997

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He started playing game little bit after second merge happen and joined my group. Doing dailys back then was funny and time was passing really fast, almost every SA and TI we did together and we could spam group chat for several hours. He was my student and I was his mentor. Together we changed 3 groups, we shared victories and defeats. Friendship and trust developed over time, we met and became friends in real life. Since long time ago, he is not participating in game. From time to time, he logs in to checks on us and say "hi" to the rest of active members. He promised he will stay around for a while this time and, as in old days, join us for some missions in future.

Region and Server ID: UK S154 - Ninja Monkey

In-Game Name: Iris

UID: 200000090087544

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"A few years ago when our Servers got merged, our story started. We are on different Groups but we joined together as one after few weeks. She was like my younger sister who always right by my side in every mission and event of the game. She is dependent on me since I have more power than her during that time. She's always waiting for me to log-in and do missions together and have fun with the game and chats all day about how she can power-up and what does she need to take from events so she will not waste any points. It was a fun year of playing with her until the day came she needs to leave the game because of her studies. Yes, it saddened me and felt a part of me got lost but I need to understand her situation. Now, I used the courage that I saved up to ask her to play again and she didn't let me down. It might be for a short time or a long time, but as much as possible while she's here, I will enjoy it and cherish the time with her and our group buddies".

HK s594 - Outer Path Chains

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Maple Tree


"Long ago.......when many groups were still fighting......our worlds merged into one.......yet still many shinobi clashed......the cycle of pain and hatred still looms everywhere we go....... but one group rose above.......not in strength to rule.....but as one to unite and create peace to our world."

Although some members have sought their own path, we are still bonded by our love for the game and the anime. As each one would return or be it merely visiting, we all welcome them with open arms, a smile, and one sentence....... "Welcome back home......."

Region and ServerID: HK S343 - Blade Dance

In-Game Name: Blitz

UID: 200000098175914

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Screenshot 2021-03-17 11

True Story:

It all began on a lonely server, where no one talked, communicated or did anything for that matter. Everyone just did there normal routine. It was getting to the point where people just quit playing. Until, one brave little ninja couldn't bare with the silence. Everyday she would speak in world chat, hoping for some communication. For about 2 weeks everyone remained isolated, but she never gave up. Then one day, I gave finally gave a reply., and the first conversation began. Ever since then, we've been bringing more and more people to come out their shells and make the server more fun, and the game. Now our whole server has a great bond with one another.

2 years later.....2 merges later..... Yet, we never parted. Were always a team. Communication is the key to all our victories. Each one of us has a special personality that brings us together. Each day, our bonds grow stronger when were together, and by keeping these bonds deer in our heart, we will never lose hope. We'll * with each other for the rest of our days. Protecting Konoha, Completing missions, events, and wars. Everyday brings more laughs. Hope to see you join as well ^^

Region and ServerID: NY S1326 - Four Fingered Assault

In-Game Name: Spookz

UID: 300030967348994

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I would like to thank you all who participated in this event. I hope you all enjoyed it and had fun together with your beloved friends who returned to play again with you. Here's the list of winners for this event:


#. HK S594 - Klevin

#. HK S328 - Tedi〤(泰迪)

#. NY S1326 - Spookz


Congratulations and see you again next time!

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