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[ Strategy Share ] Returning Back to Konoha - Build a Team Event


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There's no time to waste!!! Lord Hokage has sent out the best of each clan she could find and bring home our beloved comrade. The Close Combat Team (Neji, Hinata, and Lee), are able to sense incoming enemies from far away making the team evade the situation or prepare for battle. But as you see here, we had a confrontation with some zetsu. So Neji & Hinata were able to put all the zetsu under acupuncture, stopping them from using any secret attacks on us, while Lee sped in taking a lot of em down with his mastered taijutsu. Tsunade sama, knew that our rouge ninja, wouldn't just come back willingly, so The Control Team (Sasuke, Itachi, and Kurenai), were perfect for putting our dear comrade under a genjutsu. But as of now, they had to assist the The Close Combat Team, in getting rid of those pesky zetsu. Itachi and Sasuke's fireball jutsu training did not go to waste as they ignited the entire enemy field, while Kurenai confused all of the zetsu, placing a powerful genjustsu. As for the Fire Main (Scarlet Blaze), both of them enhanced our teams by double, due to their sercret justu user buff. And the Earth Main (Crimson Fist) enhance our teams' attack and ninjustu, and now we never miss a beat. We'll do anything, even put our life on the line to save our beloved comrade and return him to the village. That's the main reason Tsunade sama chose us, because........ THAT'S OUR NINJA WAY!!!!!!

UID Ninja 1: 300004904348363

SID Ninja 1: S1338 Ice Darts Jutsu l NY

IGN Ninja 1: Crystal

UID Ninja 2: 300030967348994

SID Ninja 2: S1326 Four Fingered Assault l NY

IGN Ninja 2: Spookz

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