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[ Strategy Share ] Returning Back to Konoha - Build a Team Event


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Returning Back to Konoha - Build a Team Event
Duration: 4th of March - 17th of March

Hello ninjas,

An ANBU came reported that our friend who abandoned our village was seen outside the Hidden Village in the Leaf. We need to prepare a team to recover him. He's a special Tomodachi so we cannot abandon him!

How to Join: - Create a team consist of Original Konoha Ninja Versions together with one Returning Player and battle a NPC units outside the villages. Take a screenshot of the battle and explain why your team is effective in battling enemies and how this team will help you bring back your beloved friend back in Konoha.


Description, why your team is effective


3 Partners will receive 3000 Coupons as reward (1500/Player).

Please make sure to submit the correct information to qualify for. Include your Region and ServerID, In-GameName and your UID ( You can find your UID here ) together with your Partner's Details also.

Original Regular Ninjas, are the ninjas that have no theme attached to their name. Means the very basic or regular version of ninjas like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Guy, Asuma and etc. (Not Naruto[Sage of Six Path], Sasuke[RinneSharingan], Hashirama[New Year], Itachi[Cat Ears], etc)

The winners:




Best of luck~

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