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[ Strategy Share ] Returning Back to Konoha - Build a Team Event


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Ekran Görüntüsü (28)

With a top-level anbu's team led by Danzo, it will be much easier to find our lost friend.

It is the barrier of Danzo, which allows us to easily defeat the enemies in our way. Wind, fire, lightning ninjas gain 40% attack and ninjutsu. We can clean the enemies we encounter very easily.

and highly compatible with the team of high-level anbu's

I guarantee that we will find our missing friend as soon as possible.

just me

UID: 300030109092875

Server ID: S1444 IGN : Power of Six Paths

In-game name: キラKira

My friend

UID: 300060354260353

Server ID: S1452 IGN : Wind Style Chakra Blades

In-game name: MikaiSusaTR

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