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[ Events ] Returning Back to Konoha - AMV Contest (Updated)


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AMV Contest – Returning Back to Konoha

Event Period: 4th March - 17th March

Hello Ninjas,

Welcome to our very first Anime Music Video contest!Yes, you read that right. Do you have a clip you always wanted to share with the music you really like? This is the time to show your vision!

For this AMV contest, we only ask that the theme is about “Returning”, such as returning home, returning to a special place, returning to a loved one, etc.

AMV – Anime Music Video, which is a fan-made music video consisting of clips from an animated show set to an audio track or song.


A total of 3 winning teams (team of two, pairs) will be chosen and will receive 3000 Coupons for each team. This reward will be divided among the the two team member, which means 1500 coupon per player.

Additional Note: If a player submits an AMV as the sole team member (one person in the team), we will still accept it. However, if the AMV wins, the winner will need to find a friend to share their reward with.

How to participate?

Players who wish to participate in this event will need to find a partner or a friend to help them in making an Anime Music Video (AMV), while including our chosen theme, “Returning”.


UID 1: 2000000123456789

UID Ninja 1: 2000000123456789

SID Ninja 1 : S123

IGN Ninja 1 : ReturningHome

UID Ninja 2: 2000000111222333

SID Ninja 2: S789

IGN Ninja 2 : HomeIsWhereHeartIs

(Include link to video creation here, please upload video using Youtube. Alternatively, you can upload the video using Google Drive)


Please make sure to submit the correct information to qualify for rewards. You can find your UID here.

Keep in mind that we will be checking to make sure no ninja takes the work of others as their own.

The clips or pictures used should be from the “Naruto Franchise”, which includes videos from sources like Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Movies, etc.

Finally, please do not use any inappropriate music such as songs which may include inappropriate content. Let’s keep it family friendly!

Please only post your event submissions on this thread. All questions can be directed directly to me via private message.


Update 2021/03/04: We have made a small change to this event so that you guys can do it with a friend! We will now be asking participants to work together (in a pair) to create the AMV. We have also increased the reward to reflect the change.

We understand that some applicants might want to make the AMV by themselves, so we will still accept it. However, if their AMV wins, the winner will need to find a friend to share their reward with.

Additional Note: We definitely understand that the recent update was a last minute change to the event, so if you have any questions or questions about the recent changes for the event, please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me directly.

Update 2021/03/08: Added Google Drive as an @lternative method to upload video for the contest. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Update 2021/03/18: Hokage has dispatched ninjas to go through all the submissions. An update with the winners will be announced as soon as we can <3 Thanks for all your patience!

Excited to see your creations!

Naruto Online Operation Team

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