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[ Suggestions ] power cap for not max level player


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I'm a little tired to see so much high power player that are lower level of me in mastury and I'm not talking about those who farm to stay at that level but player that are over 1million power and just like to stay in lower Sage arena and thing like that.

If a maximum power at each level would be implant, that would force people that like to have more power go to the other character level to have more. It's would balance mastury, sage and other power level event by stopping the player that just like to stay in a X level because it's would make it easier for them when it's just unfair for other. And you could just place a X level (like level 105-110) where the max power could be higher or uncap anymore.

Right now, Sage and mastury challenge are extremely unbalance and unfair to player most player; even more unbalance now with the new 6path breaktrought.

By forcing player to level and giving no real reason to stay at lower stage, it's would leave place to player that could play in there real power rank and not getting kick by advance player that are technically at the same level of them. And that would help to have more player at higher level event making more challenge to everyone and more possibility to who someone would /could fight.

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and I'm not saying that because I get my ass kicked for every sage event aggh who am I kidding CHANGE IT IM TIRED GETTING MY ASS KICKED EVERY SO OFTEN

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it along. However, due to the increased amount of power-gaining systems, a level cap might have to change with each released system, would this be something you think should be included? Are there specific level v power ideas that you had?

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i was thinking of a way to contol those player that stack power at low level to have the best of some event, like mastury where level let you encounter less higher power player or sage where there a braket system where level is use. It's frustrating to see a level90 with 900k of power that almost spend no time in game and some dollar being over in power a level 110 that doing all event and spend lot of time to improve himself.

I'm not telling that lvl90 player is doing something wrong. If he can spend money and like to do it, yes of course he can have a bonus from it. But it's injust to the one who's dont have the money, level up and do all event. If the player that at lower level find no advantage to stay at lower level, he would for sure continue to level, get out of the newcomer zone and maybe find more challenger.

For new player and veteran, it's would give them a better chance in event and it's would be less frustrating when coming to event like mastury or sage. On that point, both arena version of those event are more fair because everyone are at the same point; the only difference would be initiative.

And for my part, i would enjoy a lot more those event because the level system for mastury would work a lot more better, and both for low and high level would have better chance in sage (less high power for low level and more opponents for highers level)

Now, it's would be better to introduice the system little by little, testing the powercap system in some event to see out it's would work and what would be the best min-max power for each level bracket. I think the only stat i would not really cap is the initiative of ninja: could be use like in arena only to know who come first.

Hope that could help at some point

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