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im on server 1472 (been running about 1 year now ) we have only gotten 1 merge - it was a dead merge as half of the ppl already quit we have like 20 active people only and no gnw competition . recently about 3 people have quit due to boredom and rlly nothing to do which is not enjoyable to the players .(pls dont respond and say go to the news section and request a merge as we have already done this like 5 -6 times and it does nothing ) i feel like oasis wants players to quit and have their game die at this point

tbh i feel like quitting and refunding and never playing this game if something doesnt happen in the next month or so

im disappointed as i enjoyed this game

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I'm sorry, but gong to the news section to request a merge is the only available outlet to request a merge. While I do feel for your situation, it is not a bug nor tech support issue. The most I can do is tell you where to go to request the merge, which is the merge request thread you seem to already know about. Merges just started up again, so hopefully your server will be in the next round of server merges!

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