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[ Lineup ] Naruto [Sage of Six Path] Breakthrough Lineups


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Hey guys!

Possible one of the strongest ninjas in the game currently with this new breakthrough so let's talk about it


Both of the mystery upgrades are amazing

I personally prefer the Y version but it might depend on your situation/enemy (especially if you want to use him in bonds/gnw you would of course use the +2 version)

Y version costs less chakra and does a much higher combo with some great splash damage/super armor removal



Just a nice upgrade here, un-dodgeable standard and 1 unit more


+2 does more damage and can be triggered twice while Y reduces 8% resistance and triggered only once

For killing enemies pos1 ninja Y is a better choice (especially in longer fights)



Both are great again

+2 might be more useful generally because if you avoid the standard attack you are avoiding the chases too



Amazing upgrade and both are such good options

Y for a bonus standard attack (higher chances of mystery reset) and bonus damage

+2 for a safe damage strategy every 2 rounds



Breakthrough priority:

Mystery > Passive 2 > Passive 1 > Standard Attack > Chase

Actually all of the breakthroughs are really good so it's hard to rank their priority, you might be better off with locking them as you get it

Keep in mind that this ninja is very versatile and he can be used with a lot of different ninjas making him easy to put into a team

An amazing pos1 dps role with great dodges/immunity

1. Earth Main


2. Earth Main 2


This is an old school Naruto buff team

It's good for round 1 and round 2 bursting, you could also use ninjas like Iruka, Wb asuma etc

3. Earth Main 3


Expensive and strong, kakuzu akatsuki would also work great

4. Fire Main


5. Fire Main 2


You can't go wrong with Kisame and Tsunade they are really strong ninjas

6. Lightning Main


A bit expensive but this team has a lot of potential

Of course other main characters could be used here easily

7. Lightning Main 2


This might also be good vs other Naruto teams as Sasuke can cause fear with his Y passive

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