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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 445 Water Main


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Hey guys!


Round 1: use Suigetsu on Minato, make sure the enemy Shisui doesn't sleep your Chojuro

Round 2: wait for Minato's mystery and then use Shisui on Danzo, again hope Shisui doesn't sleep your Chojuro

Round 3: should be a smooth sail from here, make sure Danzo dies here or interrupt him when he does his mystery round 4

Also make sure to have your Shisui mystery saved after round 2 for when Hiruzen dies so you can interrupt his Reaper Death Seal jutsu

After you kill Hiruzen try saving some mysteries for wave 2

Wave 2:

Round 1: You need to wait for all their standard attacks and if Chojuro survives you are pretty much done because he can solo kill them all

Round 2: Wait for all the standard attack and use all your mysteries, hopefully you don't die before that

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