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Naruto sixpaths


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hello there i wanna make a suggestion of giving away naruto sixpaths in fireworks? or myoboku? i would be fine with 40 frags atleast because he is game breaking and its basically impossible to beat him on a 1 on 1 fight,he leeches too much and scales too high,dont just say to kurenai him because most people run him with a healer or a debuff cleaner,last year we got kisame for free and he was really really strong too,why not naruto? atleast 40 frags,i personally have him 3 star but i cant compete with those who have him 4 star

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This request will be only possible maybe wait two years to get him for free, if you want to get him now you need to spend some cash or just save some coupons and wait for fuku.

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Getting him free would be nice yes but imagine everyone in the server with 6p naruto or those who have him already 4 or even 5 star breakthrough. Yes, disgusting right? he is broken now even more so now with bt best thing i can tell you is to save coupons and buy him if you want to compete cause yes this meta is the most toxic and broken ive ever seen.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it along. However, seeing as he is a highly sought after character right now, the chances are not high right now. As a few others pointed out, he is indeed purchasable in events, and that might be a better option for the time being, as you will likely be able to save up enough coupons to purchase him, prior to his being in an event such as fireworks.
For everyone else, thank you guys for trying to help and giving suggestions for options for purchase, but please keep in mind that you should always be respectful towards other players, and their suggestions and opinions, on the forum, and in the game.

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why the fck would they do this just buy him with coupons ffs lol

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u want 6p in fireworks or myaboku, what will u do with 40 frags knowing that after that those 40 frags 6p wont be in any events?

Buy naruto from this event if u lack of frags now

6. "Time-limited Ninja Recruitment" -- Feb 26th - 23:59:59 Mar 3rd:

Naruto [Sage of the Six Paths]: Unlock: 5200 points (1040 - 1552 Keys) [10400 - 15522 Coupons/Ingots] 3 --> 4: 6500 points (1300 - 1940 Keys) [13000 - 19403 Coupons/Ingots] Total redeemable: 100 {130 - 194 Coupons/Ingots per frag}

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I'm sure they won't give "free" shards for Naruto in events like Nathan mentioned, but i think they will put him in Fuku-deals sooner or later, just like they did with most of the meta ninjas before.

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yes I would also suggest giving 180 frags of 10t madara either in fireworks or myoboku...... I mean you gave 80 frags of kisame why not madara

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