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[ Player Guide ] EN Naruto Online: Breakthrough/Skill Break Frags Guide


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Heyo y'all!~

This guide is only to help you to get prepared and know the number of frags that is needed to get to +1 or +2 on certain ninjas. I plan to continue updating every time a new BT/SB comes out so keep an eye on it! My guide will explain everything how it works so if you have any questions, free free to reach out to me via PM/DMs thru forum/discord or comment here so I can help answer your questions if possible. I may need your help if I do not have certain infos. I hope this guide will help you in the long run!If you noticed I make some mistakes, please let me know as soon as possible. I am not perfect but I tried~ :x

Here's the link below:

Edited: I managed to fixed my url just now due to do*ent.

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tomorrow naruto 6P will BT,expect to see how many AE to reach perfect BT

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Okay I finished adding Naruto 6P infos so feel free to check it out!~

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