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[ Lineup ] Zabuza [Wandering Ronin] Lineups


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Hey guys!




Mystery: Quite a diverse mystery, not really optimal for using it on your own team as you want to have buffs for zabuza damage

Standard Attack: A pretty strong attack, reducing defense (and he attacks multiple times so that makes it much easier to kill the target)

Chase: This is nothing special

Passive 1: So if you're expecting to get hit a few times this passive is gonna get triggered and you'll have to use a team with permanent buffs so they don't get removed

Passive 2: really good

Quite a fun ninja but really old school with this blitz style and it's not really strong nowadays

Your best main character choice would be lightning obviously

1. Lightning Main - Hidden Mist team


2. Lightning Main - Blitz Zabuza


3. Lightning Main - full blitz


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you said multiple times that the buff removal is bad, but it said that it is only for non-water ninjas (passive) or ninjas from all elements EXCEPT the element of the one targeted (mystery). So as long as your buffed ninjas are Water, you basically have nothing to fear, right?

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Passive 1 dosent remove buffs, just causes mist. If your team is running buffs, better to use zabuza mystery on opponent. If your team is not running buffs or has all water, then you can consider using his mystery on your team. Also mist dosent do anything to ninjas whose standards his more than 1 unit.

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