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[ Lineup ] Crimson + Hinata + Kakashi + ???


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Hi everyone I'm lvl 40,

I need some advice of what would be the best 4th for a team with Crimson, Hinata and Kakashi.

I can't make up my mind, changing everytime.

I think that would be Anko but I'm not sure... What do you think of it ?

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Go for 3 star Sasuke and swap it with Kakashi so you can have a repulse which trigger Hinata's acupuncture! Also you c*e shizune which can chain their combo all together. Replace it once you get Karin/Kabuto.

As for your lineup, I would really prefer to use GNW Neji over Hinata. Reason being because most lightning main and fire main will outspeed you in mystery casting and Neji can be used to prevent that from happening by acupuncturing them in turn one and acupuncturing the other in turn two.

You basically can chase up to 6 combo, utilising every chase that your ninjas has. You need to acupuncture the correct target to prevent your ninjas from taking huge damage. As you are level 40, you don't have access to summons which really can help alot in chaining chase together. Start farming for tobi frag if you haven't from the group store, he is really good right now.
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Wow, what a complete and precise answer! 'm going to try this. I love the character of hinata so that why I was trying to integrate her but I'll give neji a chance !

Thank you very much for your help !
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If you want to integrate hinata and kakashi then try out Kimimaro. He can do High to Repulse so if you take the snake summon you can turn knockdowns into high floats to continue someone's combo, no matter which of them triggers first.
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