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[ Player Guide ] Konoha Great Tree 1610 draws


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Hey guys!

I wanted to spend 30k on it but accidently did 30,6k that's why it's 1610 draws this weird number haha

I did the 1000 draws spending calculation on Konoha Great Tree before and gotta say I'm really surprised at this 1500+ draws it seems much more worth (if you are at the end game and value epic refines a lot)



Results of 1610 draws:

Screenshot_13 (2)

Screenshot_14 (2)

As you can see it has quite a good value around 80-90k especially if you care about epic refines for those level 13 refines

Good amount of keys and training potions but that's just a bonus for the redeem section where I got 141 secret scroll packs which is a big power boost



1. Items before draws


2. Items after draws


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