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[ Suggestions ] Make statement regarding early access exploit


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  • brensonlee On 2021-02-12 04:07:33
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    Reason: Please do not talk about exploits on the forum. This is a warning. If there is an issue, please report it


    We have reported and developers have not fixed it. New players deserve to know. The only way to inform them is to tell them. Give me another solution and I will gladly use it.

Indeed, Brensonlee San And Yeshe San What Brensonlee San Is (Probably) Referring To Is The "Level 31" Issue That Occurs When Players Use This "Said" Exploit To Their Advantage And To Also (In Turn) Have An "Major Level Gap" From The "Casual Players" That Start On The First Day Of That Server's (Official) Opening Day (That Is As Such Though Which Will Also Give These Players An Major "Power Boost" From Every Other Player That Are Starting Off As Intended By The Developers And Publisher (To An Degree That Is As Such Though) As To When The "General Player base Of Users" Are Officially Able To Start On The (At That Time) "Unopened" Server (That Is As Such Though), Yeshe San

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