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Naruto sixpaths combo


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guys,is it just me,or does naruto six paths never combo with his standard,by combo i mean reduce mystery,i swear i dont know if its bad luck or something but he combos less than my says high chance,but it is not high at all,more like small chance

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Like half_moon said it depends on your and your opponents combo rate. It is a bit more unlikely to reduce the cooldown in the first round but in the second round after you activate you mystery Naruto gets +40% combo rate and it helps him reduce the cooldown with his standard (as well as helping him to get the 5 combo per enemy hit).

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Perhaps enemy team combo rate is higher than you. Therefore, they can reduce your combo rate and minimize the damage caused by you.

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it's actually a fixed chance, not sure why its changed to high chance in the previous maintenance but yeah a fixed chance is a 50/50 chance

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