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LA GL Recruitment


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Greetings to all noble Shinobi

LA Servers are once again open and looking for GL's!

1. Do you want to help your server and fellow players have a positive experience on this game?

2. Do you want your voice heard regarding the weekly events and other facets of the game?

3. Would you like to be modestly compensated for your work?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you may be interested in becoming a GL (Game Liaison).

Game liaisons are responsible for recording event feedback from players on their server in a number of categories every week, as well as provide suggestions on how to improve these events and what changes they would like to see implemented. Game Liaisons, also can report any bugs.

A brief description of the roles & responsibilities :

1. Server representative to report and update/highlight on server condition.

2. Gather feedback and responses from the server community in regards to the recent patches / in-game events.

3. Report bugs/issues

If you feel you are a good fit and your server is in need of a GL (check the table below), feel free to apply here. If you are certain your server has no GL, feel free to select "Other" and list your server number and I can confirm whether or not your server has a GL. If you have questions, send me a message here or on discord Teknik#5059

GL Server List 10-9

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Would love to be able to get some good feedback from S1000+. If you know of anyone from those servers who would like to fill a GL position please pass this post along to them so they can fill out an application. Thank you!

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